Module Catalog in Physics

This handbook contains the modules offered by our department. You can find the module descriptions, ECTS credits, current and past courses, information on examinations and more.

This module catalog contains all current and past teaching offerings from our department. Thus, it documents contents of modules you have passed, extending your transcript of records. To plan your studies in the current or next semester, the specific pages for Bachelor students and Master students give a structured overview.

Information on modules included in our physics programs but offered by other departments (e. g. non-physics courses) are available in TUMonline or in the website of the responsible department. The modules are listed here only for your information.

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Module ID Level Title
PH0000 P Preparatory Course for New Students in Physics
PH0001 B Experimental Physics 1
PH0002 B Experimental Physics 2
PH0003 B Experimental Physics 3
PH0004 B Experimental Physics 4
PH0005 B Theoretical Physics 1 (Mechanics)
PH0006 B Theoretical Physics 2 (Electrodynamics)
PH0007 B Theoretical Physics 3 (Quantum Mechanics)
PH0008 B Theoretical Physics 4A (Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics)
PH0009 B Lab Course Part 1
PH0010 B Lab Course Part 2
PH0011 B Lab Course Part 3
PH0012 B Theoretical Physics 4B (Thermodynamics and Elements of Statistical Mechanics)
PH0014 B Nuclear, Particle, and Astrophysics 1
PH0015 B Nuclear, Particle, and Astrophysics 2
PH0016 B Introduction to Nuclear, Particle, and Astrophysics
PH0017 B Condensed Matter Physics 1
PH0018 B Condensed Matter Physics 2
PH0019 B Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics
PH0020 B Biophysics
PH0021 B Energy Science
PH0022 B Materials Science
PH0030 B Advanced Lab Course for B. Sc. Students
PH0040 B Bachelor's Colloquium
PH0041 B Bachelor's Thesis
PH0050 B Lecture Series "Introduction to Current Aspects of Scientific Research"
PH0053 B Committee Work in the Student Union
PH0054 B Preparation and Presentation of the Christmas Lecture
PH0055 B SET Tutor Physics
PH0056 B Tutor Qualification Physics
PH0057 B Writing Your Bachelor's Thesis
PH0058 M Munich Physics Colloquium
PH1001 M Theoretical Solid State Physics
PH1002 M Quantum Mechanics 2
PH1003 M Continuum Mechanics
PH1004 M Advanced Theoretical Physics
PH1005 M Theoretical Particle Physics
PH1006 M Theory of Stochastic Processes
PH1007 M Continuum Mechanics
PH1030 M Advanced Lab Course for Master Students
PH1061 M Master's Seminar (KM)
PH1062 M Master's Seminar (KTA)
PH1063 M Master's Seminar (BIO)
PH1064 M Master's Seminar (AEP)
PH1068 Master's Seminar (Exchange Program)
PH1071 M Master's Work Experience (KM)
PH1072 M Master's Work Experience (KTA)
PH1073 M Master's Work Experience (BIO)
PH1074 M Master's Work Experience (AEP)
PH1078 Master's Work Experience (Exchange Program)
PH1081 M Master's Thesis (KM)
PH1082 M Master's Thesis (KTA)
PH1083 M Master's Thesis (BIO)
PH1084 M Master's Thesis (AEP)
PH1088 Master's Thesis (Exchange Program)
PH1089 Master's Thesis (compact)
PH1091 M Master's Colloquium (KM)
PH1092 M Master's Colloquium (KTA)
PH1093 M Master's Colloquium (BIO)
PH1094 M Master's Colloquium (AEP)
PH1098 Master's Colloquium (Exchange Program)
PH1301 M Seminar on Physical Biology of the Cell 1
PH1302 M Advances in Solid State Physics
PH1303 M High Field Physics and ultrafast Processes
PH1304 B Seminar on problems concerning the solid-electrolyte interface
PH1305 B Happy Hour of Nuclear and Particle Physics
PH1306 M Nuclei in the Cosmos
PH1307 B Hadron Cocktails
PH1308 BM Methods and Detectors in Astro-Particle Physics
PH1309 M Methods and Experiments in Neutron Scattering
PH1310 M Physics at the Large Hadron Collider
PH1311 B Selforganization in physical systems: rhythms, patterns, and chaos
PH1312 B Energy, Environment and Sustainable climate development
PH1313 M Biosensors and Bioelectronics
PH1314 B Fundamentals of Surface and Nanoscale Science
PH1315 B Modern X-Ray Physics
PH1316 B Proseminar Plasma Physics
PH1317 M Neutrons in Research and Industry
PH1318 B Experimental Methods in Solid State Physics
PH1319 B Special problems of soft matter
PH1320 B Spin Caloritronics and Spin Pumping
PH1321 B Topical Issues in Magneto- and Spin Electronics
PH1322 M Superconducting Quantum Circuits
PH1323 B Current issues in Atom and Molecular Physics
PH1324 B Nanomagnetism und Nanoelectronics
PH1325 M Fundamental Phenomena of Soft Matter Physics
PH1326 M Plasmaphysics and Fusion Research
PH1327 M single trajectory analysis
PH1328 M Atom meets Photon: current experiments in quantum optics
PH1329 M Spinmechanics und Spindynamics
PH1330 B Physics of Auditory Information Processing
PH1331 B Bachelor Seminar Theoretical Nuclear Particle Astrophysics
PH1332 B Group Theory in Particle Physics
PH1333 B Functional Soft Materials
PH1334 B Energy and Materials Science
PH1335 M Experimental techniques and methods of the LHC experiments
PH1336 M Seminar to Semiconductor Physics 2
PH1337 M Seminar to Renewable Energies
PH1338 M Seminar to Renewable Energies 2
PH1339 B Nano Seminar
PH1340 M Statistical Mechanics and Hydrodynamics of Complex Systems
PH1341 M Positron Spectroscopy: Theory and Experiments
PH1342 B Bachelor's Seminar on Biophysics
PH1343 B High-resolution spectroscopy at solids and nanosystems
PH1344 B Self-Assembly, Self-Organized Growth and Unconventional Nanofabrication
PH1345 M Seminar to Physical Biology of the Cell 2
PH1346 M Seminar on Systems Biophysics
PH1347 M Seminar to Nano Systems 1
PH1348 M Seminar to Nanosystems 2
PH1349 B Physical Foundations of Biomedical Imaging
PH1350 B Modern Particle Physics
PH1351 B Parallelisation of Physics Calculations on GPUs with CUDA
PH1352 B Biomechanics
PH1353 M Bio-Nano Technology
PH1354 B Current Topics of Quantum Optics
PH1355 B Student Seminar on Special Topics in Quantum Mechanics
PH1356 B Electronic and Magnetic Nanodevices
PH1357 B Student Seminar on Modern Applications of Fluorescence
PH1358 B Seminar on pattern recognition and statistical learning
PH1359 B Current Topics in Positron Research: Theory and Experiment
PH1360 M Quantum Optics and Ultrafast Physics
PH1361 M Biomedical Physics 1: Methods and Applications
PH1362 B Physics and Electronics in Everyday Life (Summer Academy Sarntal)
PH1363 M Photon Detectors
PH1364 M Seminar: Introduction to Biophysics
PH1365 B Design and Construction of a Particle Detector
PH1366 M Seminar on current aspects of molecular biophysics
PH1367 M Topics in Neutrino and Dark Matter Physics
PH1368 M Many Body Phenomena and Scattering Methods
PH1369 M NMR and NMR Imaging
PH1370 M Nanophysics Block Seminar for M. Sc. Students
PH1371 M Biomedical Physics 2: Methods and Applications
PH1372 B Physics of Hadrons and Nuclei
PH1373 M Current developments in biomolecular nanotechnology
PH1374 B Gamma-Ray Bursts
PH1375 M Nanoelectronics
PH1376 M Seminar Plasma Physics
PH1377 M Frontiers of Surface and Nanoscale Science
PH1378 B Particle Physics without Accelerators
PH1379 M Quantum Information Theory
PH1380 M Ultrafast Physics
PH1381 M Biophysics of Perception and Multimodal Integration
PH1382 B Medical Physics (Summer Academy Sarntal)
PH1383 M Current Topics in Molecular Biophysics
PH1384 M Journal Club on Current Topics in Astro- and Particle Physics
PH1385 M Physics and Chemistry of Functional Interfaces
PH1386 M Seminar to Nanoscience using Scanning Probe Microscopy
PH1387 M Current Topics in Nanophysics "What's hot ... what's not?"
PH1388 B Current Topics of Bio-Nano Technology
PH1389 M Current Topics in Quantum Optics Theory
PH1390 M Nano-Optics
PH1391 M Nanoelectronics and Nanooptics
PH1392 M Nano-Fabrication Methods
PH1393 M New Methods in Neutron Science
PH1394 M Current topics in medical technology (IMETUM Seminar)
PH1395 M Satellite-Based Particle Physics
PH1396 M Exploiting quantum mechanics for real world applications
PH1397 M Advances in Semiconductor Nanoscience
PH1398 M Current Developments in Biomolecular Nanotechnology
PH1399 M Regulation, Signaling, and Information Processing in Biomolecular Systems
PH1400 M Current Problems in Condensed Matter Structure & Dynamics
PH1401 M Recent Experiments with Exotic Ion Beams at Large Facilities
PH1402 M Quantum Physics in Nanostructured Materials
PH1403 M Energy Materials 1
PH1404 M Intracellular Motility
PH1405 M Biophysical Approaches to Synthetic Biology
PH1406 M Computer Simulations with Tutorials on Magnetism and Nanostructures
PH1407 M First-Principles Multiscale Modelling in Catalysis-, Energy-, and Materials-Research
PH1408 M Status in High Energy Neutrino Astronomy
PH1409 B Introduction to Current Neutrino Astronomy
PH1410 M Particle Physics at Low Energies for Master Students
PH1411 B Methods for Surface Analysis
PH1412 M Quantum Sensing
PH1413 M Electrified Solid/Liquid Interfaces: from Theory to Applications
PH1414 M Current Problems in Semiconductor Physics
PH1415 M Theoretical Particle Physics: Fields, Symmetries and Quantum Phenomena
PH1416 M Biophysics of Molecular Motors
PH1417 M Attosecond Metrology
PH1418 M Biophysics of Microtubule-Dependent Processes
PH1419 B Design and Control of Experiments using LabView for B.Sc. Students
PH1420 M Design and Control of Experiments using LabView for M.Sc. Students
PH1421 M Current Topics in Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
PH1422 M Introduction to Superconductivity
PH1423 M Current Topics in Theory of Complex Bio-Systems
PH1424 M Energy Materials 2
PH1425 Intracellular Motility for Bachelor Students
PH1426 B Advances in X-Ray Imaging
PH1427 Particle Physics at Low Energies for Bachelor Students
PH1428 M Quantum Hardware
PH1429 M Axions: from QCD to Cosmology
PH1430 B Dynamics of the Cytoskeleton
PH1431 Analysis Techniques and Skills for Precision Physics for B.Sc. Students
PH1432 Analysis Techniques and Skills for Precision Physics for M.Sc. Students
PH1433 Seminar to Physical Principles of Biological Systems for B.Sc. Students
PH1434 Seminar to Physical Principles of Biological Systems for M.Sc. Students
PH2001 M Biomedical Physics 1
PH2002 M Biomedical Physics 2
PH2003 M Modern X-Ray Physics 1
PH2004 M Modern X-Ray Physics 2
PH2005 M DNA Biophysics and DNA Nanotechnology
PH2006 M Systems Biophysics
PH2007 M Introduction to Biophysics
PH2008 M Fundamentals of Biophysics 2
PH2009 M Radiation Biophysics 1
PH2010 M Radiation Biophysics 2
PH2011 M Scattering Methods in Molecular Biophysics
PH2012 M Molecular Biophysics: Spectroscopic Methods
PH2013 M Physical Biology of the Cell 1
PH2014 M Physical Biology of the Cell 2
PH2015 M Advanced Statistical Mechanics 1
PH2016 M Advanced Statistical Mechanics 2
PH2017 M Theoretical Biophysics 1
PH2018 M Theoretical Biophysics 2
PH2019 M Molecular Dynamics Simulations
PH2020 M Theoretical Physics of Neuronal Information Processing
PH2021 M Quantum Biophysics 1
PH2022 M Quantum Biophysics 2
PH2023 M Kinetics of Cellular Reactions
PH2024 M Light Sources and Gas Laser
PH2025 M Quantum Optics 1
PH2026 M Quantum Optics 2
PH2027 M Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems 1
PH2028 M Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems 2
PH2029 M Theoretical Quantum Optics 1
PH2030 M Applied Superconductivity 1 (Josephson Effects and Superconduction Electronics)
PH2031 M Superconductivity and Low Temperature Physics 1
PH2032 M Superconductivity and Low Temperature Physics 2
PH2033 M Magnetism
PH2034 M Spin Electronics
PH2035 M Plasma Physics 1
PH2036 M Plasma Physics 2
PH2037 M Introduction to Magneto Hydrodynamics
PH2038 M Fluids without Collisions: Introduction to Kinetic Plasma Physics
PH2039 M Theoretical Particle Physics 2
PH2040 M Relativity, Particles, and Fields
PH2041 M Quantum Field Theory
PH2042 M Introduction to QCD
PH2043 M General Relativity and Cosmology
PH2044 M Testing the Standard Model of Particle Physics 1
PH2045 M Testing the Standard Model of Particle Physics 2
PH2046 M Polymer Physics 1
PH2047 M Polymer Physics 2
PH2048 M Nanostructured Soft Materials 1
PH2049 M Nanostructured Soft Materials 2
PH2050 M Reactor Physics 1 and Applications of Nuclear Technology
PH2051 M Reactor Physics 2 and new Concepts in Nuclear Technology
PH2052 M Quantum Field Theoretical Methods in the Standard Model and New Physics
PH2053 M Physics with Neutrons 1
PH2054 M Physics with Neutrons 2
PH2055 M Electronic Correlation and Magnetism 1
PH2056 M Electronic Correlation and Magnetism 2
PH2057 M Computational Physics 1
PH2058 M Introduction to Astro Physics
PH2059 M High Angular Resolution Astronomy
PH2060 M Nuclear Astrophysics 1
PH2061 M Nuclear Astrophysics 2
PH2062 M Particle Detectors: Theory and Application
PH2064 M Many Particle Physics with Ultracold Atoms 1
PH2065 M Scattering Theory 1
PH2066 M Particle Physics with Neutrons 1
PH2067 M Principles of Energy Conversion
PH2068 M Fuel Cells in Energy Technology
PH2069 M Interface Physics 1
PH2070 M Interface Physics 2
PH2071 M Fundamentals of Surface and Nanoscale Science
PH2072 M Frontiers of Surface and Nanoscale Science
PH2073 M Astro Particle Physics 1
PH2074 M Astro Particle Physics 2
PH2075 M Physics with Positrons 1
PH2076 M Physics with Positrons 2
PH2077 M Computational Astrophysics
PH2078 M Stellar Explosions
PH2079 M Hydrodynamics in Astrophysics: Fundamentals, Numerical Methods and Application
PH2080 M Introduction to theoretical Astro Physics
PH2081 M Particle Physics with Highest Energy Particle Colliders
PH2082 M Particle Physics with Cosmic and Terrestric Particle Colliders
PH2083 M Experimental Methods for Exotic Nuclei 1
PH2084 M Experimental Methods for Exotic Nuclei 2
PH2085 M Magnetism and Spin Phenomena in Low Dimensional Electronic Systems
PH2086 M Stochastic Dynamics in Biological and Complex Systems
PH2087 M Current Developments in Single Molecule Physics
PH2088 M Renewable Energies 1
PH2089 M Renewable Energies 2
PH2090 M Computational Physics 2
PH2091 M Nanosystems 1
PH2092 M Nanosystems 2
PH2093 M Fundamentals of Semiconductor Physics
PH2094 M Semiconductor Physics 2
PH2095 M Biosensors and Bioelectronics 1
PH2096 M Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2
PH2097 M Application of Methods of Nuclear Physics in Interdisciplinary Research 1
PH2098 M Nuclear Physics Methods in Interdisciplinary Research 2
PH2099 M Data Analysis in Particle Physics
PH2100 M Data Analysis and Monte Carlo Methods
PH2101 M FPGA based detector signal processing
PH2102 M Optics of Nanoscale Systems 1
PH2103 M Optics of Nanoscale Systems 2
PH2104 M Nano Materials 1
PH2105 M Nano Materials 2
PH2106 M Particle Physics with Neutrons 2
PH2107 M Physics and Technics of Magnetic Measurement Methods
PH2108 M Theoretical Quantum Optics 2
PH2109 M Quantum Information
PH2110 M Selected Topics in Molecular and Cell Biology
PH2111 M Quantum Many-Particle Theory 1
PH2112 M Quantum Many-Particle Theory 2
PH2113 M Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
PH2114 M Observational High-Energy Astrophysics
PH2115 M Topics in Quantum Field Theory
PH2116 M Group Theory in Physics
PH2117 M Many Particle Physics with Ultracold Atoms 2
PH2118 M Physics of Strong Interactions
PH2119 M Plasmonics: Fundamentals and Applications
PH2120 M Thermal Field Theory
PH2121 M Gauge Theories at finite temperature
PH2122 M Effective Field Theories
PH2123 M Advanced Effective Field Theories
PH2124 M Ultra Cold Quantum Gases 1
PH2125 M Ultra Cold Quantum Gases 2
PH2126 M Modern Applications of Fluorescence
PH2127 M Physical Cosmology
PH2128 M Generation and Detection of Gravitational Waves
PH2129 M White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars and Black Holes
PH2130 M Quantum Optics 1
PH2131 M Quantum Optics 2
PH2132 M Statistical Physics of Non-equilibrium Systems
PH2133 M Magnetism and Correlation Phenomena in Semiconductor and Oxidic Heterostructures
PH2134 M Advanced Materials Analysis with Synchrotron Radiation: Techniques and Applications
PH2135 M Introduction to Nanofabrication and Nanoanalytics
PH2136 M Theory and Applications of Simple Lie-Algebras
PH2137 M Special Relativity
PH2138 M Image processing in Physics 1
PH2139 M Foundations and Methods of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
PH2140 M Nanoscience using Scanning Probe Microscopy
PH2141 M Scattering theory 2
PH2142 M Advanced Topics in Quantum Field Theory
PH2143 M Advanced Statistical Mechanics
PH2144 M Introduction to Crystal Growth
PH2145 M Applied Superconductivity 2 (Superconducting Quantum Circuits)
PH2146 M Particle Physics for Astrophysicists
PH2147 M Image Processing in Physics 2
PH2148 M Introduction to NMR
PH2149 M NMR Imaging
PH2150 M Nanothermodynamics
PH2151 M High Energy Neutrino Astronomy
PH2152 M Computerbased Data Analysis of Hadron Reactions at High Energy
PH2153 M Nanoanalytics
PH2154 M Physical chemistry basics of DNA and genetic information
PH2155 M Semiconductor Physics
PH2156 M Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space-Time
PH2157 M Applied Superconductivity
PH2158 M Ultrafast Physics 1
PH2159 M Ultrafast Physics 2
PH2160 M Renewable Energy
PH2161 M Quantum Field Theory of Many-Body Systems
PH2162 M Critical Phenomena and Renormalisation Group
PH2163 M Quantum Optics and Ultrafast Physics 1
PH2164 M Quantum Optics and Ultrafast Physics 2
PH2165 M Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Systems
PH2166 M Physics and Chemistry of Functional Interfaces
PH2167 M Semiconductor Spectroscopy
PH2168 M Stellar structure and evolution
PH2169 M Structured photonic nano-materials
PH2170 M Nanoelectronics and Nanooptics
PH2171 M Semiconductor Electronic and Photonic Devices
PH2172 M Two Dimensional Materials
PH2173 M Nanoplasmonics
PH2174 M Introduction to Magnonics - Fabrication, Spectroscopy and Applications of Nanomagnets
PH2175 M Turbulence in neutral Fluids und Plasmas
PH2176 M Evolution of Structure in the Universe
PH2177 M Theoretical Semiconductor Physics
PH2178 M Physics of Biological Membranes: Theory and experiment
PH2179 M Biosensors & Bioelectronics
PH2180 M Semiconductor Nanofabrication and Nano-analytical Methods
PH2181 M Image Processing in Physics
PH2182 M Modern X-Ray Physics
PH2183 M Semiconductor Nanofabrication and Nano-analytical Methods
PH2184 M Supersymmetry
PH2185 M Advanced Quantum Field Theory
PH2186 M Electronic Correlations and Magnetism
PH2187 M Elementary Processes in Molecular Systems
PH2188 M The Higgs Boson: Properties and Models
PH2189 M Solid State Spectroscopy
PH2190 M Ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions: The physics of the Quark-Gluon Plasma
PH2191 M Structure Determination, Building Principles, and Synthesis of Crystalline Materials in Two and Three Dimensions
PH2192 M Advanced Cosmology
PH2193 M Modern Detectors for Nuclear and Particle Physics
PH2194 M Turbulent Transport in Fusion Plasmas
PH2195 M Physics beyond the Standard Model
PH2196 M Fusion Research
PH2197 M Photochemical Energy Conversion Artificial Photosynthesis
PH2198 M Bionanotechnology
PH2199 M Cosmology
PH2200 M Stochastic Processes in Biological Systems
PH2201 M Energy Materials 1
PH2202 M From Quarks to Hadrons: Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Parton Model
PH2203 M Physics of Exotic Nuclei
PH2204 M Physical Principles of Biomolecular Systems
PH2205 M Applied Quantum Mechanics
PH2206 M Extragalactic Astrophysics
PH2207 M Energy Materials 2
PH2208 M Gas Detectors: Theory and Application
PH2209 M Introduction to NMR and NMR Imaging
PH2210 M Particle Oscillations
PH2211 M Cosmic Rays and Neutrino Astronomy
PH2212 M Fundamental Physics with Neutrons
PH2213 M Advanced Statistical Mechanics
PH2214 M From Quarks to Hadrons: Low and Intermediate Energy Regime
PH2215 M Quantum Phase Transitions in Condensed Matter and Ultracold Atom Physics
PH2216 M Cosmic Rays and Neutrino Astronomy 1
PH2217 M Cosmic Rays and Neutrino Astronomy 2
PH2218 M Materials Physics on an Atomistic Scale 1
PH2219 M Materials Physics on an Atomistic Scale 2
PH2220 M Particle Physics without Accelerators
PH2221 M Data Analysis
PH2222 M Monte Carlo Methods
PH2223 M Vacuum, Surfaces and Thin Films
PH2224 M Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems in Atomic and Condensed Matter Physics
PH2225 M Supersymmetry and Beyond the Standard Model Physics
PH2226 M Chemistry in Biomedical Imaging for Physicists
PH2227 M Basic Concepts of Molecular Biology for Physicists
PH2228 M Synthetic Biology 1
PH2229 M Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics
PH2230 M Basic Concepts for Neutron Instrumentation
PH2231 M Advances in Bottom-Up Approaches in Nanotechnology
PH2232 M Theory of the Big Bang
PH2233 M Applied Plasma Physics: Large Vortices (Zonal Flows and Other Structures) in Fusion Reactors, Jupiter, Climate and Astrophysics
PH2234 M Many-Body Physics
PH2235 Synthetic Biology 2
PH2236 M Basic Concepts of Molecular Biology for Physicists
PH2237 M Quantum Information
PH2238 M Concepts for Future Hadron Collider Experiments 1
PH2239 Photonic Quantum Technologies
PH2240 M Physical Principles of Biological Systems
PH2241 M Hadron Physics at Accelerators, Symmetries and Neutron Stars
PH2242 M Gravitational Lensing
PH2243 M Extreme Conditions Physics
PH2244 M Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
PH2245 Effective Field Theories
PH6001 G Analysis Techniques in Hadron Spectroscopy
PH6002 G TRR80 Focused Lectures
PH6003 G Presentation Skills for Natural Scientists
PH6004 G Biophysics Winter School
PH6005 G Winter School on Ultrafast Physics
PH6006 G Colloquium on Neutron Scattering for Ph. D. Students
PH6007 G Bio-Design Journal Club, Drafting/Scetching/Scientific Publishing
PH6008 G Current Research Topics in Biomedical Imaging
PH6009 G Colloquium for Ph.D. Students on Molecular Nano-Science
PH6010 G Optoelectronic Properties at the Nanometer Scale
PH6011 G Advanced Model Building
PH6012 G Electrified Interfaces and Catalysis
PH6013 G TRR80 Young Researchers in Discussion
PH6014 G Current Problems in Semiconductor Physics
PH6015 G Strong Interaction Theory Related to Light and Heavy Meson Spectroscopy and the Description of Amplitudes Necessary to Describe (Semi-)Hadronic Heavy Meson Decays As Well As Light Meson Production
PH6016 G Seminar and Journal Club on Collective Quantum Dynamics
PH6017 G E20 Retreat
PH6018 G Revision Course Laser and X-Ray Physics
PH6019 G Block Seminar High Field Physics and Ultra Fast Processes
PH6020 G Current Research on Synthetic Biology
PH6021 G Current Work in Particle Physics with Neutrons
PH6022 G Seminar on Current Topics of Atto-Second Physics
PH6023 G Seminar on Current Topics in Many Particle Phenomena
PH6024 G Colloquium on Solid State Physics
PH6025 G Seminar and Journal Club on Nanoscale Optoelectronics
PH6026 G Current Topics of Photoelectrochemistry
PH6027 G Current Topics of Selforganization at Interfaces
PH6028 G Kolloquium on Modern Detector Technology
PH6029 G Safe Working in Laboratories
PH6030 G Dynamics of the Cytoskeleton
PH6031 G Group seminar on particle and nuclear physics
PH6032 G Advanced seminar for Diploma and Ph. D. students: current topics of theoretical biophysics
PH6033 G Journal Club Molecular Biophysics
PH6034 G Seminar on Magnetism in Nano Structures
PH6035 G Topical Issues in Magneto- and Spin Electronics
PH6036 G Seminar on scientific methods in surface physics
PH6037 G Seminar on structure and dynamics of condensed matter
PH6038 G Seminar on current topics of surface physics
PH6039 G Current Topics of Micro Fluidics
PH6040 G Seminar on effective field theories
PH6041 G E27 status report - current topics in cellular biophysics
PH6042 G Seminar on exotic nuclei
PH6043 G Seminar on polymers
PH6044 G Walther-Meißner-Seminar on Topical Problems of Low Temperature Physics
PH6045 G Seminar on current topics of hadron on nuclear physics
PH6046 G Seminar on theoretical elementary particle physics
PH6047 G Seminar on Physics of strong interaction
PH6048 G Scientific Topics in Particle Physics for Students and Staff Members
PH6049 G Current Developments in Biomolecular Nanotechnology
PH6050 G E19a group seminar
PH6051 G SFB-863 Seminar
PH6052 G Seminar on scientific methods in surface physics
PH6053 G Current Topics in Biomechanics
PH6054 G Literature Seminar on Solid State Physics
PH6055 G E62 Journal Club
PH6056 G E22a Status Report – Current Topics on Molecular Machinery
PH6057 G Journal Club Bio-Nano Technology
PH6058 G Experimental methods in solid state spectroscopy
PH6059 G Seminar on Experiments in High Magnetic Fields
PH6060 G Computer Simulations with Tutorials on Magnetism and Nanostructures
PH6061 G instructions for independently scientific work
PH6062 G Seminar on Current Issues in Particle Physics: Theories, Methods and Applications
PH6063 G Precision Calculations and Effective Field Theory in High Energy Physics
PH6066 G Model Building
PH6067 G Seminar for Ph. D. Students of Astro-Particle-Physics
PH6068 G T30d Journal Club
PH6070 G Journal Club Precision Measurements at Low Energies
PH6071 G Current Topics in Theoretical Physics of the Early Universe
PH6072 G Current problems of organic photovoltaics
PH6073 G S^3: Surface Science Seminars
PH6074 G Joint Astroparticle Physics Seminar
PH6075 G Instruments in Precision Physics: Construction of a Clock Comparison Experiment at FRM 2
PH6076 G Development of Low Temperature Detectors
PH6077 G Current Topics in Astro-Particle Physics
PH6078 G Selected Topics in Neutrino Physics
PH6079 G Current Topics in Theory of Complex Bio-Systems
PH6080 G Biomolecular Systems
PH6081 G Physics of Disordered Systems
PH6082 G Software Boot Camp on Python and the IceCube Software
PH6083 G Literature Seminar on Hadron Structure
PH6084 G Seminar on Current Topics In Astroparticle Physics
PH6085 G E19a Group Seminar
PH6086 G Current Topics in Physics Beyond the Standard Model
PH6087 G Current topics in low-temperature detector developments for the search of dark matter and neutrinoless double beta decay
PH6088 G Literature seminar for astro particle physics
PH6089 G Seminar and Journal Club on Condensed Matter Theory
PH6090 G Colloquium of the Excellence Cluster Universe
PH6091 G TalkTUM[i:] Language Café
PH6092 G Introduction to the State of the Art in Effective Field Theories in Particle and Nuclear Physics
PH6093 G NanoSCI: Electronic Properties of Nanoengineered Materials
PH6094 G Kickoff: Ph.D. at the Physics Department
PH6095 G Status in Neutrino Astronomy
PH6096 G Molecular Nanoscience at Interfaces
PH6097 G Seminar on neutrons in research and industry
PH6098 G Axions: from QCD to Cosmology
PH6099 G Current Developments in Biomolecular Nanotechnology
PH6100 G Scientific Opportunities of Free-Electron Lasers
PH6101 G Workshop on CT Reconstruction
PH6102 G MuCLS Workshop
PH6103 G Gravitational Lensing Seminar
PH8001 B Experimental physics 1 for TUM twoinone
PH8002 B Experimental physics 2 for TUM twoinone
PH8005 B Theoretical Physics 1 (Mechanics) for TUM twoinone
PH8101 B Special Functions in Theoretical Physics
PH8102 B Essentials of Group Theory in Physics
PH8103 B Applied Electronics in Experimental Physics
PH8104 B Introduction to C++ Programming
PH8105 M MaMaSELF Summer School
PH8106 M Introduction to Biophysics (Essentials)
PH8107 G Tools for Data Analysis in the Particle and Astroparticle Physics
PH8108 M Repetitorium on Experimental Physics
PH8109 M Repetitorium on Theoretical Physics
PH8110 C++ Programming for Physicists
PH8111 B Essentials of Experimental Physics 1
PH8112 B Essentials of Experimental Physics 2
PH8113 B Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics
PH8114 B Essentials of Experimental Physics 3
PH8115 B Essentials of Experimental Physics 4
PH8116 Writing Scientific Papers: English Writing for Physics
PH9001 B Physics
PH9002 B Experimental Physics 1
PH9003 B Experimental Physics 2
PH9004 B Experimental Physics for Chemical Engineering and Conservators
PH9005 B Experimental Physics 1 for Engineering
PH9006 B Experimental Physics 2 for Engineering
PH9007 B Physics I and II for Geodesy and Geo-Information
PH9009 B Physics for Electrical Engineering
PH9010 B Laboratory Course in Biophysics
PH9011 B Experimental Physics 1
PH9012 B Experimental Physics 2
PH9014 B Lab Course in Experimental Physics for Engineering
PH9015 B Physics Lab Course for Food Chemistry
PH9016 B Laboratory Course in Experimental Physics
PH9017 B Applied Physics
PH9018 B Experimental Physics 2 for Biochemists
PH9019 B Electrical Engineering and Electronics
PH9020 P studium naturale Physics
PH9021 B Physics (MSE)
PH9022 B Experimental Physics 1 and 2 for Engineering
PH9023 B Physics Lab Course for Food Chemistry
PH9024 B Experimental Physics for Engineering
PH9025 B Physics 1 for Geodesists
PH9026 B Physics 2 for Geodesists
PH9027 B Nanofabrication and Nanoanalytics
PH9028 B Experimental Physics with lab course
PH9029 M Neutron Scattering
PH9030 P Elementary Concepts in Experimental Physics
PH9101 B Fundamentals of Experimental Physics I
PH9102 B Fundamentals of Experimental Physics II
PH9103 B Experimental Physics 1 Major (LB-Technik)
PH9104 B Experimental Physics 2 Major (LB-Technik)
PH9105 M Advanced Physics 1
PH9106 M Advanced Physics 2
PH9108 M History of Science in Physics
PH9109 B Presentation Lab Course for Students of Education
PH9110 B Mathematical Methods of Physics 1
PH9111 B Mathematical Methods of Physics 2
PH9112 B Lab Course in Physics for Students of Education
PH9113 B Basic Lab Course in Physics for Students of Education 2
PH9114 B Didactics of Physics 1 (Introduction)
PH9115 M Didactics of Physics 2 (Seminar with Demonstration Experiments)
PH9116 M Didactics of Physics 1 including practical block course
PH9117 M Nuclear, Particle, and Astrophysics for Students of Education
PH9118 Advanced Physics 1 (MBB integrated)
PH9119 Advanced Physics 2 (MBB integrated)
PH9120 History of Science in Physics (MBB integrated)
PH9121 Basics in Didactics of Physics for Vocational Teachers (Introduction)
PH9122 Advanced Didactics of Physics for Vocational Teachers (Seminar with Demonstration Experiments)
PH9130 M Advanced Lab Course in Physics for M. Ed. Students
PH9907 B Laboratory Course in Physics
PH9911 B Reactor Physics I
PH9912 B Reactor Physics II
PH9913 B Experimental Physics with lab course
PH9914 B Experimental Physics 1
PH9990 I Info Events During Bachelor's Studies in Physics
PH9991 I Info Events During Master's Studies in Physics
PH9992 I Holiday Courses for Exam Preparation
TU16882PH6104 G Teaching Monday