This website is no longer updated.

As of 1.10.2022, the Faculty of Physics has been merged into the TUM School of Natural Sciences with the website For more information read Conversion of Websites.

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About Us

The Physics Department
of the TU Munich

Main entrance of Physics Department


TUM written with single atoms

Dean, Vice Dean and Dean of Studies are supported by staff members and delegates for all administrative operations at the Physics Department.


Prof. Nora Brambilla

The professors at the Physics Department are responsible for the excellent research and education.

Central Services

View into the Physics library

Administration, IT, media lab, library, central workshop, electronics, cooling, crystal growth lab, safety and radiation protection.

Diversity in our Department

Physicist with nano-layers

Equality of women and men, family and parent friendly environment and internationality are goals of the Physics Departments.


Degree ceremony 2014

Phone snd E-Mail directory of Physics Department.