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Tag der Physik 2022

Wednesday, 13 July 2022, at 13:00 h

At a microscope lab

The Physics Department cordially invites its faculty, staff and friends to its annual celebration of physics.

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Research Highlight

A memory without a brain

A single-celled slime mold takes decisions

The ability to store and recover information gives an organism a clear advantage when searching for food or avoiding harmful environments. It is believed that these abilities require a multi-celled organism with a nervous system. But now a team of researchers from TUM and MPI-DS has uncovered surprising abilities of a single-celled organism.

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Student Life

Begin of Studies in WS 2023/4

Special Events for Beginners

TUM Flags in front of MW building, Photo: Weidemann (TUM)

Physics Department and TUM want to make your start in the degree programs as easy as possible. Together with the Departmental Student Council we are hence offering several special events for beginners.

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Students at the Physics Department


Our academic offers include Bachelor and Master degree programs and research projects in the Ph.D. program giving a complete Physics education in width and depth.

World map of international students


To the role model of our department belongs the promotion of scientific exchange and world openness.

Condensed Matter Physics

Vacuum apparatus for condensed matter physics

When atoms interact things can get interesting. Fundamental research on the underlying properties of materials and nanostructures and exploration of the potential they provide for applications.

Nuclei, Particles, Astrophysics

Particle Physics with Prof. Fabbietti

A journey of discovery to understanding our world at the subatomic scale, from the nuclei inside atoms down to the most elementary building blocks of matter. Are you ready for the adventure?


Biophysics discussion in the Dietz Lab

Biological systems, from proteins to living cells and organisms, obey physical principles. Our research groups in biophysics shape one of Germany's largest scientific clusters in this area.

Improve Early
Diagnosis of
Breast Cancer
with Physics?

Munich Compact Light Source an der Munich School of Bioengineering (MSB). Photo: Andreas Heddergott (TUM).