This website is no longer updated.

As of 1.10.2022, the Faculty of Physics has been merged into the TUM School of Natural Sciences with the website For more information read Conversion of Websites.

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Academic offer and resources for all study programs


Academic Offer

Open Tutorial in Experimental Physics

The module handbook offers information on the courses from past, present and future.

Lab Courses

Students at the Advanced Lab Course

Physics is the most fundamental branch of natural science. Natural science means to study nature, specially by observing it.

IT Services

CIP Pool at Physics Department

The Physics Department offers students several IT systems for their studies.

Soft Skills

Seminarvortrag im ZNN

Students obtain transferable skills beyond the physics education in classic soft skills to fundamentals in areas unrelated to physics.

Study Conditions

Students in discussion

The Physics Department continuosly tries to improve even further the excellent study conditions; for example by the use of the public funds.

Experimental Physics Division

Lecture with demonstration experiments

The Experimental Physics Division offers information on the experimental physics lectures on their webpages.