Your Doctorate in Physics at TUM

With around 450 ongoing doctoral projects, we offer a wide range of possibilities for a doctorate in a dynamic and innovative department. Doctoral studies at TUM are characterized by teamwork, interdisciplinarity and independent thinking, valuable assets for any successful career.

Doctoral candidate at Walther Meissner Institute Doctoral candidate at Walther Meissner Institute. Photo: Ch. Hohmann/NIM Have you finished your Master studies with above-average results? Are you thirsty for knowledge and keen to discover something new? Then you have found the right place, the Physics Department of TUM!

Traditional Model

The first step to start your doctorate is to find a supervisor among the professors of our department and to find together a research topic. Being part of the research group of your supervisor, you will receive guidance and support with your doctoral project. The Physics Department gives you the organizational framework for the doctorate.

Having found your supervisor and research topic, the application procedure runs through the central online platform Doc-GS. Please keep in mind that the Physics Department issues the degree Dr. rer. nat. for all successful Ph. D. students. You can find more information on the application process and the required documents at the TUM Graduate School. After completing the online registration in DocGS hand in the documents at the Dean’s Office.

„Direct Track“ from a Master Program

Talented students can continue the Master's research phase seamlessly with a doctoral project, speeding up their academic career. If you do not have a Master's degree, you may choose this track on your way to a doctoral degree from the Physics Department of TUM.

Extensive Qualification Program

Logo of TUM Graduate School The core of your doctoral studies is your research work in collaboration with your group and other research partners. Additionally, our Department Graduate Center offers a wide range of opportunities for subject-related and interdisciplinary qualification. The TUM Graduate School supports our Department Graduate Center.

Qualification program of the Department Graduate Center for Physics

Doctoral Examination

Having completed your research and the basic qualification program the doctoral examination process starts by submitting your doctoral thesis ("dissertation"). The thesis has to be submitted to the examinations office of TUM. You can find a list of the required documents at the TUM Graduate School’s website. In our department there is no restriction on the submission date – you are not bound by the department council’s schedule.