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STiBNite 1st Summer School

Surface-Confined Synthesis and Advanced Surface Characterization Tools

2021-09-21 – News from the Physics Department

We are thrilled to announce the 1st Summer School of the European project MSCA-ETN-2020 STiBNite “Tailored materials for Sustainable Technologies: programming functional molecular components through Boron-Nitrogen doping” from 28-29th of September.

International experts will teach us microscopy and spectroscopy techniques as well as theoretical modeling approaches applied on surfaces decorated with molecular nanostructures and 2D materials, such as pristine and doped graphene derivatives. This will be followed by vivid sessions focused on scientific publishing, including insights into the peer review process and the writing of cover letters, as well as information on efforts towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion.

Everyone is invited to join online.

The program including access information (pdf) can be downloaded here:

Program STiBNite 1st Summer School as PDF

The session on Scientific Publishing on Thursday, 29 September, 16:00 h - 17:40 h could be interesting for PhD candidates from a broad range of backgrounds.

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