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Your Direct Track in Physics at TUM

with a Bachelor’s degree via our Master programs directly to your Ph.D.

Our Physics Department offers outstanding students in any of our Master programs a more direct transition to doctoral studies, having the research phase seamlessly continued in a doctoral project, speeding up their academic career. The "Direct Track" combines the advantages of the traditional model with the speed of a "Fast Track" – without the disadvantages like a (formally) missing Master’s degree.

Ph.D. candidates at the Center for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials (ZNN). Photo: Heddergott/TUM.
Ph.D. candidates at the Center for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials (ZNN). Photo: Heddergott/TUM.

Our direct track is a Master program targeting outstanding students with excellent Bachelor's degree results and pursuing an academic career. Students in the direct track can already work on their doctoral project and participate in courses of the Graduate School, which speeds up their following doctoral studies by about one year.

Following an individual curriculum, students can deepen their knowledge in a chosen specialization area. The Master's thesis forms the basis of an independent research project, which can be continued seamlessly in the doctoral studies. Successful completion of the program results in a Master's degree in physics.

Apply for a Master Program

The "direct track" is available in all of our Master programs. Choose the Master program that fits your research interests and apply in the regular procedure.

Selection of a Mentor and Research Group

Within the mentoring program of the Master programs choose a mentor from the professors in our department who might later become your supervisor. The mentor counsels you with your individual study and research plan.

Within the first and maybe second semester of your Master studies there is plenty of opportunity to get in contact with potential supervisors and research groups. While deepening your Physics knowledge in the special courses you get to know the lecturers and their research activities. In the Advanced Lab Course you visit several research groups in their labs. With a little bit of initiative from you you can find job opportunities in the research groups or within the tutorials for undergraduate courses.

Preliminary Membership in the Department Graduate Center

Have you together with your supervisor completed a plan to continue the research project of the Master’s Thesis in a Ph. D. project you may become preliminary member in the Department Graduate Center.

For this complete the supervision agreement together with your supervisor and setup a project plan – you may find the forms and templates for this on the website of the Department Graduate Center Physics. Hand in both documents at the office of the Department Graduate Center Physics.

As preliminary member you may participate in courses and events of the Department Graduate Center Physics and selected events of TUM Graduate School. To apply for participation in the kickoff event of TUM Graduate School contact the office of the Department Graduate Center Physics.

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