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General-Education Subjects in Physics Programs

To obtain transferable skills beyond the physics education, students at the Physics Department find a wide catalog of modules from classic soft skills to fundamentals in areas unrelated to physics.

In all Physics programs course work from the "General-Education Subjects" complement the Physics education. The minimum required workload from general-education subjects is dependent o the study program and given in the following table:

Study programminimum CP
Bachelor’s program Physics started before October 2020 4
Bachelor’s program Physics started after October 2020 3
Master’s programs Physics started before October 2018 2
Master’s programs Physics started after October 2018 3
Master’s program Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics 4
Master’s program Quantum Science & Technology 4

You do not need to take the modules in exactly the semesters in which they are listed in the study plan.

The ECTS credits of successfully finished modules are summed up. The course work "General-Education Subjects" is completed as soon as the sum is 4 CP respectively 3 CP or more. If single modules were graded theses grades are not included in the total grade for the Bachelor’s or Master’s examination. "General-Education Subjects" count to the total credit balance up to 4 CP respectively 3 CP – even if you take more modules from this area (does not apply to M.Sc. BEMP and M.Sc. QST).

Lecture Series "Introduction to Current Aspects of Scientific Research" for Bachelor Students

Students of forth semester in the Bachelor’s program Physics are strongly encouraged to visit the lecture series "Introduction to Current Aspects of Scientific Research". The series gives an overview of scientific areas covered at the Physics Department. Henceforth it substantiates the choice for an area of concentration upcoming in the fifth semester. The module PH0050 Lecture Series "Introduction to Current Aspects of Scientific Research" has a workload of 1 CP. Students thus need to choose at least one other module to obtain the required 4 CP of "Soft Skills" in their studies.

Necessary condition for the CP entry is passing the short written test following the lectures and the registration for the TUMonline exam. Please take the remarks on the lecture organisation given at the first date into account.

Due to the restrictions during the CoViD-19 pandemic during SS 2020 the lecture series takes place as online conference. Live transmission is usually Wednesday at 14. Further information is available in the moodle course (register for the lecture series in TUMonline for access to the moddle course).

TerminTitel und Informationen
17.04.2024 | 14:00

Quantum Networks

Prof. Dr. Andreas Reiserer
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

17.04.2024 | 15:00

2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

24.04.2024 | 14:00

Messen und Rechnen mit Spins

Prof. Dr. Martin Brandt
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

24.04.2024 | 15:00

Theorie funktionalier Energiematerialien

Prof. Dr. David Egger
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

08.05.2024 | 14:00

Kollektive Quantendynamik

Prof. Dr. Michael Knap
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

08.05.2024 | 15:00

Experimentelle Quanten- und Festkörperphysik am WMI

PD Dr. Hans-Gregor Hübl
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

15.05.2024 | 14:00


Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kienberger
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

15.05.2024 | 15:00

Plasmaphysik und Fusionsforschung

PD Dr. Gregor Birkenmeier
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

22.05.2024 | 14:00


Prof. Dr. Stefan Schönert
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

22.05.2024 | 15:00

Theorie komplexer Biosysteme

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Gerland
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

29.05.2024 | 14:00

Femtosekundenspektroskopie in der Biophysik

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hauer
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

29.05.2024 | 15:00

Exploring the Mysteries of Quantum Matter

Prof. Dr. Frank Pollmann
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

05.06.2024 | 14:00

Theorie biologischer Netzwerke

Prof. Dr. Karen Alim
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

05.06.2024 | 15:00

Nanomechanical Resonators for Sensing, Quantum Technologies and More

Prof. Dr. Eva Weig
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

12.06.2024 | 14:00

entfällt wegen Sustainability Day

12.06.2024 | 15:00

entfällt wegen Sustainability Day

19.06.2024 | 14:00

Is an excitonic Bose Einstein Condensate possible in 2D?

Prof. Dr. Alexander Holleitner
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

19.06.2024 | 15:00

Direct Dark Matter Search at the MPP

PD Dr. Bela Majorovits
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

26.06.2024 | 14:00

Weiche Materie

Prof. Christine Papadakis Ph.D.
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

26.06.2024 | 15:00

Magnetization Dynamics in Nanostructures

Prof. Dr. Christian Back
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

03.07.2024 | 14:00

Kernphysik und Neutronensterne

Prof. Dr. Laura Fabbietti
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

03.07.2024 | 15:00

Data Science in Physics

Prof. Dr. Lukas Heinrich
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

10.07.2024 | 14:00

Präzisionsmessungen bei extremen Bedingungen

Prof. Dr. Peter Fierlinger
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

10.07.2024 | 15:00

Quantencomputing mit supraleitenden Schaltkreisen

Prof. Dr. Stefan Filipp
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

17.07.2024 | 14:00

Plasmaphysik und Fusionsforschung

PD Dr. Gregor Birkenmeier
2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

17.07.2024 | 15:00

2501 Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal

General-Education Subjects (including "Soft Skills")

The catalog currently includes the modules listed in the table below (see the curriculum in TUMonline as well).

The catalog is open for additions. Suitable modules not yet contained can be included on short notice. If you would like to take a module not yet included in the catalog please contact Maria Eckholt (room PH 2053, phone -14461) as soon as possible but before exam registration in TUMonline. Please include the module number in your request.

Apart from the classical "soft skills", normally all modules from humanities and social sciences can be included into the catalog of general education subjects for physics students. We cannot include modules when modules with similar content are already part of the curriculum of physics Bachelor or Master programs (e.g. as mandatory module or in the elective catalog of non-physics courses) – hence especially modules from the neighboring sciences (Mathematics, Informatics, Chemistry, Engineering…) are not general education subjects.

BGU43016 Technikkommunikation in Grundschulen bzw. vorschulischen Einrichtungen durch Studierende der Ingenieurwissenschaften 1
BGU62062 6
BGU62063 - Lecture Series 3
BV400017 Rechtliche Grundlagen: Bürgerliches Recht und Verwaltungsrecht 4
CH0136 Grundlagen des Patentrechts 3
CIT3640001 Sanitätsausbildung 3
CLA10222 Strategien für die Zukunft 1
CLA10234 Menschenrechte in der Gegenwart 1
CLA10348 Schreiben Sie sich erfolgreich 1
CLA10445 Verhandlungsführung 1
CLA10450 Wenn aus Ingenieuren Manager werden 1
CLA10509 Creative Problem Solving 1
CLA10555 Communication and Facilitation in Project Teams 1
CLA10611 Ihr Weg zur erfolgreichen Karriere 1
CLA10626 Wissenschaft in der Öffentlichkeit 1
CLA10714 Personalentwicklung 1
CLA10717 Science and Society 1
CLA10718 Sprecherziehung für den Uni-Alltag 1
CLA10800 Betriebswirtschaftlich Denken 1
CLA11216 Agile project management hands-on 1
CLA11317 Interdisciplinary Lecture Series Environment: Politics and Society 1
CLA20102 Was ist Zeit? 2
CLA20128 Was ist Glück? 2
CLA20201 Komplexe Systeme 2
CLA20202 Geist - Gehirn - Maschine 2
CLA20207 Grundprobleme der Wissenschaftstheorie 2
CLA20210 Technikphilosophie 2
CLA20221 Handeln trotz Nichtwissen 2
CLA20222 Strategien für die Zukunft 2
CLA20230 Ethik und Verantwortung 2
CLA20234 Menschenrechte in der Gegenwart 2
CLA20267 Kommunikation und Präsentation 2
CLA20552 Selbst geschrieben, neu gelesen - Eine literarische Schreibwerkstatt 2
CLA20614 Kausalität und Erklärung 2
CLA20703 Computerphilosophie 2
CLA20704 Denken, Erkennen und Wissen 2
CLA20710 Global Diversity Training 2
CLA20711 Immanuel Kant über Anfang und Ende der Welt 2
CLA20721 Wissenschaftstheorie der Ingenieurwissenschaften 2
CLA20803 Cognitive Science: Denken, Erkennen und Wissen 2
CLA20815 Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft 2
CLA20904 Der Begriff der Natur 2
CLA20910 Genderkompetenz als Schlüsselqualifikation 2
CLA21005 Einführung in Diversity Management 2
CLA21008 Grundlagen der Globalisierungsforschung 2
CLA21022 Wissenschaft und Technik zwischen Akzeptanz und Partizipation 2
CLA21102 1914-1918: Wissenschaft. Technik. Krieg 2
CLA21106 Emergenz und komplexe Systeme 2
CLA21109 Was kann ich wissen? - Klassiker der Erkenntnistheorie 2
CLA21114 Perspektiven der Technikfolgenabschätzung 2
CLA21209 Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten 2
CLA21213 Individual Change Management 2
CLA21214 Klassiker der Naturphilosophie 2
CLA21314 Einführung ins philosophische Denken 2
CLA21411 Stresskompetenz 2
CLA21901 Rollen. Klischees. Visionen. Wissenschaft und Technik im Blick von Literatur und Theater 2
CLA30102 Was ist Zeit? 3
CLA30108 Was ist Raum? Was ist Zeit? 3
CLA30128 Was ist Glück? 3
CLA30201 Komplexe Systeme 3
CLA30202 Geist - Gehirn - Maschine 3
CLA30207 Grundprobleme der Wissenschaftstheorie 3
CLA30221 Handeln trotz Nichtwissen 3
CLA30230 Ethik und Verantwortung 3
CLA30239 Interkulturalität 3
CLA30258 Jazzprojekt 3
CLA30622 Von der Erfindung zum Patent 3
CLA30704 Denken, Erkennen und Wissen 3
CLA30803 Cognitive Science: Denken, Erkennen und Wissen 3
CLA30812 Thomas Mann in München 3
CLA31109 Was kann ich wissen? - Klassiker der Erkenntnistheorie 3
CLA31116 Die Frage nach dem Wissen 3
CLA31314 Einführung ins philosophische Denken 3
CLA31900 Lecture Series Environment - TUM 3
CLA90142 Selbstkompetenz - intensiv 1
CLA90211 Kunst und Politik 2
CLA90331 AStA- und Fachschaften-Projektarbeit 3
ED0038 Technik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft 3
ED0046 Technikgeschichte des Kalten Krieges 3
ED0047 Geschichte der Technik in Altertum und Mittelalter 3
ED00472 Geschichte der Technik in der Moderne I 3
ED0085 Philosophie der Ingenieurwissenschaften 2
ED0142 Wissenschafts- und Technikgeschichte 5
ED0144 Wissenschaft, Technik und Gesellschaft 5
ED0145 Erkenntnis und Kognition 5
ED0152 Erkenntnis und Kognition (vertieft) 5
ED0218 Wissenschafts- und Technikkommunikation 5
ED0302 Pädagogische und Entwicklungspsychologie 3
ED0354 Vom Wissen zur Gewissheit: Evidenzpraktiken in Wissenschaft, Medizin, Technik und Gesellschaft 3
ED0400 Geschichte der Physik 4
ED180002 Seminar: Effizientes wissenschaftliches Arbeiten 3
EI0481 Methoden der Unternehmensführung 3
EI4585 Projektpraktikum: Wirtschaftliche Aspekte der Nanotechnologie 5
IN9003 Informatikrecht 3
IN9010 Seminar Wissenschaftler und Ethik 4
IN9028 Didaktisches und pädagogisches Training für Tutoren 4
IN9038 Medical Technology Entrepreneurship 4
MA8013 Elemente der Geschichte der Mathematik 2
MA8014 Geschichte der Mathematik 2
MA8030 Tutorentraining Mathematik 2
MCTS9002 Technik und Gesellschaft 3
MGT001354 Artificial Intelligence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
MW0004 Methoden der Unternehmensführung 5
MW0104 Qualitätsmanagement 5
MW1128 Soft Skills - Workshopreihe 2
MW1458 Tutorensystem Garching 4
MW1535 Introduction to Patent, Trademark and Design Law for Engineers 3
MW1862 Fernwaffen in Entwicklungsländern 3
MW2003 Projektarbeit am MOVE CubeSat 2
MW2245 Think. Make. Start. 6
MW2347 Soft Skills im studentischen Umfeld 2
MW2402 Ausbildung zum Workshop-Trainer 3
PH0050 Ringvorlesung "Einführung in aktuelle Aspekte wissenschaftlicher Forschung" 1 !
PH0054 Vorbereitung und Durchführung der Weihnachtsvorlesung 3
PH0055 SET-Tutor Physik 1
PH0056 Tutorenqualifikation Physik 2
PH0058 Münchner Physik-Kolloquium 2
PH8116 Writing Scientific Papers: English Writing for Physicists 4
PH8117 Neutrinos and Dark Matter: Explaining the Invisible (An Introduction to Science Communication) 2
PH8120 The Big Bang Theory Syndrome: Why Should We Care About Stereotypes? 3
PH8122 To the Point 3
PH8128 Quanten-Entrepreneurship-Labor 6
POL00011 Politics for Rocket Scientists: An Introduction to Political Science for Non-Political Scientists 6
POL10100 Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung 6
POL10300 Politische Theorie - Grundlagen 6
POL10500 Analyse und Vergleich politischer Systeme - Grundlagen 6
POL10700 Politikfeldanalyse - Grundlagen 6
POL24302 The Political Economy of Technical Standards 3
POL24308 Law and Politics 6
POL67000 Digital Sustainability Transformation of, by and for the TUM 12
POL67001 Digital Sustainability Transformation of, by and for the TUM 3
POL70056 Fallstudien zur Unternehmensethik 3
POL70057 Einführung in die Wissenschaftstheorie 3
SE0007 Welt der Ingenieurwissenschaften (MSE) 2 !
SE0102 Welt der Ingenieure 2 !
SE1005 Interkulturelle Kompetenzen 2
SG1202101 Sporternährung 5
SG160036 Gesundheitsverhalten und Prävention 6
SOT86800 Quantum Social Lab: Mapping Challenges and Opportunities of Quantum Based Technologies 3
WI000021 Volkswirtschaftslehre I - Mikroökonomie 6
WI000023 Volkswirtschaftslehre II - Makroökonomie 6
WI000023_E Economics II - Macroeconomics 6
WI000026 Advanced Technology and Innovation Management 6
WI000027 Wirtschaftsprivatrecht I (inkl. jurist. Fallbearb.) 6
WI000038 Führung durch Motivation 3
WI000091 Corporate Finance 6
WI000100 Advanced Microeconomics 6
WI000159 Business Plan - Basic Course (Business Idea and Market) 3
WI000201 Forstliche Betriebswirtschaftslehre 5
WI000219 Investitions- und Finanzmanagement 6
WI000219_E Investment and Financial Management 6
WI000275_E Management Science 6
WI000285 Innovative Entrepreneurs - Leadership of High-Tech Companies 3
WI000337 Organisation und Führung 5
WI000385 Lernen, Gedächtnis, Denken, Motivation - Einführung in die allgemeine Psychologie 3
WI000399 Sozialpsychologie 3
WI000405 Kommunikation, Interaktion und Konflikte in der Schule 3
WI000728 Grundlagen der Betriebswirtschaftslehre 1 (Nebenfach) 3
WI000729 Grundlagen der Betriebswirtschaftslehre 2 (Nebenfach) 3
WI000813 Technology Entrepreneurship Lab 6
WI000820 Marketing and Innovation Management 6
WI000915 Einführung in die Sozialpsychologie / Kommunikation, Interaktion und Konflikte in der Schule 3
WI000984 Entrepreneurship 3
WI000992 Energy Trading 6
WI001056_1 Principles of Economics 6
WI001059 Buchführung und Rechnungswesen 6
WI001071 Patente und Geheimnisschutz 6
WI001083 Controlling 6
WI001111 Applied Strategy and Organization: Strategies for international Corporations 6
WI001114 International Management 3
WI001129 Marketing and Innovation Management (MiM) 6
WI001139 Financial Accounting (MiM) 6
WI001165 Sustainable Entrepreneurship - Getting Started 6
WI001180 Tech Challenge 6
WI001217 Geheimnisschutz 3
WI001223 Challenges in Energy Markets 3
WI001258 Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory 6
WI001278 What's cooking? Founding start-ups and unicorns in real time 12
WI001284 Behavioral Economics meet real world challenges 6
WI001292 Start-ups and unicorns coming up 6
WI001293 Theoretische und anwendungsbezogene Grundlagen der Achtsamkeitspraxis 3
WI100809 Entwicklung unternehmerischer Geschäftsideen 4
WIB18833 Topics in Innovation & Entrepreneurship II 6
WZ3078 Sport und Ernährung 5

Language Courses of the Language Center

In general all language courses of the Language Center can be included in the catalog for "General-Education Subjects" in the Bachelor’s program Physics and the Master’s programs in Physis. German language courses are not possible in the programs taught in German (Bachelor's program and German Physics Master's programs KM, KTA, and BIO) except in rare, well-founded cases.

Currently the following modules of language courses are included in the study programs’ trees in TUMonline. If you would like to take a language course that is not listed here please contact Maria Eckholt (room PH 2053, phone -14461) as soon as possible but before exam registration in TUMonline. If possible please include the module number in your request.

SZ01013 Arabic Communication A2 3
SZ0108 Arabic B1.1 3
SZ0118 Arabic A1.1 3
SZ0119 Arabic A1.2 3
SZ0120 Arabic A2.1 3
SZ0121 Arabic A2.2 3
SZ0209 Chinese A1.1 3
SZ0210 Chinese A1.2 3
SZ0211 Chinese A2.1 3
SZ0212 Chinese A2.2 3
SZ0213 Chinese B1.1 3
SZ0214 Chinese B1.2 3
SZ0303 German as a Foreign Language A2.1 6 !
SZ03031 Intensive Course German as a Foreign Language A2.1 4 !
SZ0304 German as a Foreign Language A2.2 6 !
SZ03041 Intensive Course German as a Foreign Language A2.2 4 !
SZ03061 Intensive Course German as a Foreign Language B1.2 4 !
SZ0314 German as a Foreign Language B2+C1: Communikation at work: German for Internship and Job 1 !
SZ0321 German as a Foreign Language A1.1 plus A1.2 8 !
SZ0322 German as a Foreign Language A2.1 plus A2.2 8 !
SZ0323 German as a Foreign Language B1.1 plus B1.2 8 !
SZ03231 Intensive Course German as a Foreign Language B1.1 plus B1.2 6 !
SZ0330 German for Engineers B2 3 !
SZ0334 German as a Foreign Language A2.2 plus B1.1 8 !
SZ0335 German as a Foreign Language A1.2 + A2.1 8 !
SZ0337 German as a Foreign Language A1.1 4 !
SZ0338 German as a Foreign Language A1.2 4 !
SZ0339 German as a Foreign Language B2.1 3 !
SZ0340 German as a Foreign Language B2.2 3 !
SZ0341 German as a Foreign Language C1.1 3 !
SZ0346 German as a Foreign Language C1.2: Communicating Professionally in Science and Business 3 !
SZ0348 German as a Foreign Language A1.1: Dive into the grammar and apply it in practice 3 !
SZ0350 German as a Foreign Language B1.1 4 !
SZ0403 English - Academic Presentation Skills C1 - C2 3
SZ0406 English - Writing Academic Research Papers C2 3
SZ0407 English - Advanced Business Communication C2 3
SZ04100 English - Selected Readings in Popular Science B2 3
SZ04101 English - Key Issues in Business Today: From Culture to Sustainability B2 3
SZ0413 English - Professional English for Business and Technology - Management and Finance Module C1 3
SZ0414 English - Intercultural Communication C1 3
SZ0417 English - Introduction to English Pronunciation B2 3
SZ0418 English - English Through Cinema C1 2
SZ0423 English - English for Technical Purposes - Industry and Energy Module C1 3
SZ0424 English - English for Technical Purposes - Environment and Communication Module C1 3
SZ0425 English - Introduction to Academic Writing C1 3
SZ0426 English - Professional English for Business and Technology - Marketing Module C1 3
SZ0427 English - Academic Writing C2 3
SZ0429 English - English for Scientific Purposes C1 3
SZ0430 English - English in Science and Technology C1 3
SZ04311 English - Basic English for Academic Purposes B2 3
SZ0438 English - Transatlantic Relations: Current Affairs in the U.S. and the E.U. C1 3
SZ0443 English - English Grammar Compact B1 3
SZ0453 English - Scientific Presentation and Writing C2 3
SZ0454 English - Basic English for Scientific Purposes B2 3
SZ0456 English - English Grammar Intermediate B2 3
SZ0458 English - Literature, Technology and Society C1 5
SZ0460 English - English for Automotive Engineers C1 3
SZ0471 English - Intensive Thesis Writers' Workshop C2 3
SZ0479 English - Introduction to Critical Thinking and Science Writing B2 3
SZ0488 English - Gateway to English Master's C1 3
SZ0489 English - English Pronunciation C1 3
SZ0501 French A1.1 3
SZ0502 French A1.2 3
SZ0503 French A2.1 3
SZ0504 French A2.2 3
SZ0505 French B1.1 3
SZ05061 French B1.2 3
SZ0507 French B2 - French for the profession 3
SZ0511 French B2/C1 - France currently 3
SZ0512 French B1/B2 - Conversation Course: French Society 3
SZ0517 French B2 - Preparation Course for University Exchange 3
SZ0518 French B2 Technical French 3
SZ0522 French A1.1 + A1.2 6
SZ0601 Italian A1.1 + A1.2 - Intensive 6
SZ0602 Italian A1.1 3
SZ0605 Italian A1.2 3
SZ0606 Italian A2.1 3
SZ0607 Italian A2.1 + A2.2 - Intensive 6
SZ0608 Italian A2.2 3
SZ0609 Italian B1.1 3
SZ06091 Italian B1.2 3
SZ0616 Italian B2/ C1 - Communication in Italy: language and conversation 3
SZ0618 Italian B2.1 3
SZ0620 Italian B2.2 3
SZ0632 Italian B1/B2 – Grammar Compact 3
SZ0705 Japanese A1.1 3
SZ07052 Japanese A1.1 + A1.2 6
SZ0706 Japanese A1.2 3
SZ0707 Japanese A1.3 3
SZ0709 Japanese A1.4 3
SZ0711 Japanese A2 Communication Course 3
SZ0716 Japanese A2.3 + A2.4 6
SZ0717 Japanese B1 Communication 3
SZ0718 Japanese A1.3 + A1.4 6
SZ0719 Japanese A2.1 + A2.2 6
SZ0801 Portuguese A1 3
SZ0806 Portuguese A2.1 3
SZ0808 Portuguese B1.2 3
SZ0901 Russian A1.1 3
SZ0902 Russian A1.2 3
SZ0903 Russian A2.1 3
SZ0904 Russian A2.2 3
SZ0905 Russian B1.1 3
SZ0906 Russian B1.2 3
SZ0909 Russian as language of origin from B1 3
SZ1001 Swedish A1 3
SZ1002 Swedish A2 3
SZ1003 Swedish B1 3
SZ1012 Swedish B2.1 3
SZ1201 Spanish A1 3
SZ1202 Spanish A2.1 3
SZ1203 Spanish A2.2 3
SZ12031 Spanish A2.1 + A2.2 6
SZ1207 Spanish A1 + A2.1 6
SZ1208 Spanish A1 - AVE (online) 3
SZ1209 Spanish C1 - current issues in Spain and Latin America 3
SZ1212 Spanish C1 - Spain and Latin America - Yesterday and Today 3
SZ1216 Spanish B1.2 3
SZ1218 Spanish B1.1 3
SZ1219 Spanish B2.1 3
SZ1225 Spanish B1.1 + B1.2 6
SZ1304 Hebrew A1.1 3
SZ1305 Hebrew A1.2 3
SZ1306 Hebrew A2.1 3
SZ1402 Turkish A2.1 3
SZ1403 Turkish A2.2 3
SZ1404 Turkish A1.1 3
SZ1405 Turkish A1.2 3
SZ1501 Danish A1 3
SZ1601 Dutch A1 3
SZ1602 Dutch A2 3
SZ1606 Dutch B1 3
SZ1701 Norwegian A1 3
SZ1702 Norwegian A2 3
SZ1703 Norwegian B1 3
SZ1804 Korean A2.1 3
SZ1805 Korean A2.2 3
SZ1808 Korean A1.1 3
SZ1809 Korean A1.2 3
SZ1810 Korean B1.1 3

Notes on Credit of Courses from Different Universities

In extraordinary cases credits can be accepted for modules of different universities. Necessary requirement is obviously that the course topic fits into the catalog for General-Education Subjects. Please keep in mind the general notes on Credit of Exams and Course Work and contact Maria Eckholt (room PH 2053, phone -14461) as soon as possible.

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