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English - Advanced Business Communication C2

Module SZ0407

This Module is offered by TUM Language Center.

This module handbook serves to describe contents, learning outcome, methods and examination type as well as linking to current dates for courses and module examination in the respective sections.

Module version of WS 2015/6 (current)

There are historic module descriptions of this module. A module description is valid until replaced by a newer one.

Whether the module’s courses are offered during a specific semester is listed in the section Courses, Learning and Teaching Methods and Literature below.

available module versions
WS 2015/6WS 2012/3

Basic Information

SZ0407 is a semester module in English language at Bachelor’s level and Master’s level which is offered irregularly.

This Module is included in the following catalogues within the study programs in physics.

  • Catalogue of language courses as soft-skill courses
Total workloadContact hoursCredits (ECTS)
90 h 30 h 3 CP

Content, Learning Outcome and Preconditions


Authentic texts and case studies from the fields of business and economics form the basis of the course and exercises. Topics covered include: Energy; Employment Trends; Business Ethics; Finance and Banking; World Markets; Product Innovation; Mergers and Acquisitions; Debt Management; Strategy; E-commerce; Project Management; Management Accounting. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills will be practiced in classroom activities relating to these topics. Grammar and vocabulary building form part of the core of each topic module.

Learning Outcome

After completion of this module, students have improved their ability to communicate clearly and appropriately in a variety of professional situations demanding not only grammatical competence, but with an ability to understand and express subtle shades of meaning even when these are implied, rather than stated directly.
In addition, students can understand formal texts related to business and economics with increased ease, summarize information from different written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation; they can express themselves spontaneously very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in more complex situations.


Students should have a minimum course entry level equivalent to CER C2 based on the English Placement Test at

Courses, Learning and Teaching Methods and Literature

Courses and Schedule

Learning and Teaching Methods

Students will be expected to complete weekly written homework as well as delivering a short presentation on a chosen topic during the course. Classroom activities will be planned around topic areas and will incorporate pair work and group work. Tutorial feedback will be provided following presentation.


Powerpoint presentations (student and lecturer generated); Audio and visual recordings from a variety of sources; printed handouts


Market Leader: Advanced (2005) Dubicka, I. and O'Keeffe, M.
Business Vocabulary in Use: Advanced (2004) Mascull, B.

Module Exam

Description of exams and course work

Grades for an oral presentation including a handout and visual aids (25%) , multiple drafts of two homework assignments to allow students to develop written skills by means of a process of drafting and revising texts (25% each assignment), and a final written examination (25%) contribute to the final course grade. Duration of the final examination: 60 minutes.

In the presentation, students demonstrate an awareness of Anglo-American academic public speaking conventions and are able to put these into practice; in the homework assignments, students are graded on multiple drafts of their texts based on their ability to present content clearly and succinctly taking readers’ needs and writing conventions into consideration. In the final exam, they will demonstrate the ability to use complex grammatical structures and professional vocabulary correctly (e.g. are able to differentiate accurately between situations requiring formal or familiar registers and select the correct form). Dictionaries and other aids may not be used during the exam.

Current exam dates

Currently TUMonline lists the following exam dates. In addition to the general information above please refer to the current information given during the course.

English - Advanced Business Communication C2
Wed, 2022-07-27, 13:15 till 14:45 Dieser Termin ist der Abgabeschluss für die Prüfungsleistungen. till 2022-06-30 (cancelation of registration till 2022-07-26)
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