Particle Physics at Low Energies for Master Students

Module PH1410

This module handbook serves to describe contents, learning outcome, methods and examination type as well as linking to current dates for courses and module examination in the respective sections.

Basic Information

PH1410 is a semester module in English or German language at Master’s level which is offered every semester.

This Module is included in the following catalogues within the study programs in physics.

  • Catalogue of student seminars for nuclear, particle, and astrophysics

If not stated otherwise for export to a non-physics program the student workload is given in the following table.

Total workloadContact hoursCredits (ECTS)
120 h 40 h 4 CP

Responsible coordinator of the module PH1410 is Bastian Märkisch.

Content, Learning Outcome and Preconditions


Precision experiments in atomic and particle physics enable indirect test of the standard model of particle pyhsics. These experiments are sensitive to effects far beyond the energy scale of the measurement. Hence they test ffor new physics at energies which cannot be reached directly at colliders.

Seminar talks by students on current topics in the field of research.

Learning Outcome

After successful participation in the module the student can use the basic methods of literature retrieval, condense their knowlegde from scientific papers into a presentation and obtain presentation skills.

They have learned about recent topics in the field of research.


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Courses, Learning and Teaching Methods and Literature

Courses and Schedule

HS 2 Teilchenphysik bei niedrigen Energien Märkisch, B.
Mitwirkende: Saul, H.
Freitag, 12:30–14:00

Learning and Teaching Methods

Die Lernergebnisse dieses Moduls werden durch die Literatursuche, das Literaturstudium, die Vorbereitung des Vortrags, die Diskussion mit dem/der Dozenten/in, das Erstellen des Vortrags, den Vortrag an sich und das Beantworten der Fragen dazu erarbeitet.


Präsentationsmaterialien, ergänzende Literatur


Spezielle, themenspezifische Literatur wird gestellt; eigene Literaturrecherche

Module Exam

Description of exams and course work

In the course of the seminar each student individually prepares a talk on a topic of current research. Based on this talk the learning outcome is tested.

Condensed Matter

When atoms interact things can get interesting. Fundamental research on the underlying properties of materials and nanostructures and exploration of the potential they provide for applications.

Nuclei, Particles, Astrophysics

A journey of discovery to understanding our world at the subatomic scale, from the nuclei inside atoms down to the most elementary building blocks of matter. Are you ready for the adventure?


Biological systems, from proteins to living cells and organisms, obey physical principles. Our research groups in biophysics shape one of Germany's largest scientific clusters in this area.