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Due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, some courses will be held online or with special conditions in hybrid form. Register for the courses in TUMonline to get current information on the specific details (e.g. in a moodle course or via the links in TUMonline).

Non-Physics Courses

Master's students can choose their non-physics courses from other TUM departments and learn from applications of physics to engineering or medicine, as well as further topics in mathematics and natural sciences.

Students enrolled in our physics Master's programs have to pass at least 8 CP (ECTS) of non-physics Master courses. They can choose courses from neighboring departments either in physics applications in engineering or medicine or in mathematics and natural sciences. Students can accumulate the required credits taking several modules with less credits each. Towards the final grade, the non-physics courses are always counted as 8 CP -- even if the sum of the accounted modules exceeds this credit number.

The regulations for the corresponding exams are given by the neighboring departments, the exams are organized in TUMonline.

Open, Dynamic and Steadily Growing Catalog

The catalog of the non-physics courses is an "open catalog" which is dynamic and steadily growing. In case you would like to take a course that does not appear in the catalog, contact the program coordinator at an early stage and facilitate him the relevant module number (the number of the lecture alone is often not sufficient). If the module is approved, it will be included in the catalog. We strongly recommend students to do this well before the exam of the course takes place! A prerequisite for including a module in the catalog (necessary though not sufficient) is that the module belongs to a Master's program of the neighboring department.

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Module ID Title CP
AR30226 Spezialthemen Computational Design II 6
BV310003 Bildverstehen - Vertiefte Methoden 3
BV440007 Algorithms and Data Structures 3
BV640007 Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung 5
CH0141 Organic Environmental Chemistry 3
CH0190 Spezielle Aspekte der Festkörperchemie 4
CH0263 Biophysikalische Chemie 5
CH0280 Quantenchemie: Dynamik und Spektroskopie 4
CH0448 Biologische Chemie 6
CH0834 Spezielle Aspekte der Biologischen Chemie 8
CH0841 Pharmazeutische Radiochemie 8
CH1017 Ausgewählte Kapitel moderner Chemie für Physiker 1
CH1027 Radioaktiviät und Radiochemie (Vorlesung) 4
CH3009 Festkörpermaterialien: Vom Design über die Chemie bis zu funktionalen Bauelementen 5
CH3034 Quantum Mechanical Basics of NMR-Spectroscopy 5
CH3037 Molekulare Biotechnologie 5
CH3038 Organic Photochemistry 5
CH3063 Applied Electrochemistry 5
CH3065 Fundamental Electrochemistry 5
CH3068 Oberflächenspektroskopie und Mikroskopie 5
CH3070 Zeitabhängige Spektroskopie 5
CH3121 Analytical and Organic Environmental Chemistry 5
CH3216 Supramolecular Chemistry 5
CH3241 Fundamentals of Catalysis 5
CH3334 Methods of Molecular Simulation 5
CH3337 Symmetry and Group Theory 5
CH4500 Themen der Quantendynamik: Von der Gruppentheorie zur Systemstheorie 3
CH5112 Quantenmechanische Grundlagen der NMR-Spektroskopie 4
CH5118 Advanced NMR 4
CH5121 Elektrochemie für Energiematerialien 4
CH5122 Methoden der molekularen Simulation 4
CH5123 Physikalische Chemie der Cluster 4
CH5132 Materialien und Prozesse für elektrochemische Energiewandlung und -speicher 4
CH5160 Oberflächenchemie heterogener Katalysatoren 4
CH5165 Radioaktivität, Radioanalytik und Radiopharmakaproduktion (Vorlesung) 6
CH5174 Biological solid-state NMR 3
CH5181 Elektrochemie für Energiematerialien und Elektrochemisches Praktikum 7
CIT4430005 Photonic Quantum Technologies 5
CS0007 Applied Microbiology and Metabolic Engineering 5
ED110011 Earth System Modelling 5
ED110052 Advances in Electric Aircraft 5
EI70350 Information Theory 5
EI70740 Nanotechnology for Energy Systems 5
EI70760 Simulation of Quantum Devices 5
EI70810 Batteriespeicher 5
EI70860 Integration of Renewable Energies 5
EI71040 Machine Learning: Methods and Tools 5
EI71068 Solving Inverse Problems with Deep Learning 6
EI71077 Algorithms in Quantum Theory 6
EI71091 Nano- and Microrobotics 5
EI71092 Nanomechanical Systems 5
EI71093 Quantum Optomechanics 5
EI7310 Batteriesystemtechnik 5
EI7347 Magnetische Felder in der Energietechnik 5
EI7355 Nanosystems 5
EI7375 Quantum Nanoelectronics 5
EI73751 Quantum Nanoelectronics 5
EI7384 System-on-Chip Technologies 5
EI7388 Technologie der III-V-Halbleiterbauelemente 5
EI74351 Convex Optimization 6
EI7473 BioMEMS and Microfluidics 5
EI7490 Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems in the Energy Field 5
EI7521 Musikalische Akustik 3
EI7585 Clinical Applications of Computational Medicine 6
EI7604 Elektrische Messmethoden in der Umwelttechnik 5
EI7605 Gassensorik für biomedizinische Anwendungen 5
EI7626 Halbleiter Ober- und Grenzflächen 5
EI7646 Computational Neuroscience: A Lecture Series from Models to Applications 3
EI80004 Sustainable Mobility 5
EI8030 High Voltage Technology - Fundamentals 5
EI8033 Energy Storage 5
IN0009 Grundlagen: Betriebssysteme und Systemsoftware 6
IN1503 Advanced Programming 5
IN2001 Algorithms for Scientific Computing 8
IN2003 Efficient Algorithms and Data Structures 8
IN2005 Scientific Computing I 5
IN2007 Complexity Theory 8
IN2010 Modelling and Simulation 8
IN2013 High Performance Computing - Programmiermodelle und Skalierbarkeit 4
IN2016 Bildverstehen II: Robot Vision 4
IN2021 Computer Aided Medical Procedures 6
IN2022 Computer Aided Medical Procedures II 5
IN2023 Bildverstehen I: Methoden der industriellen Bildverarbeitung 3
IN2026 Visual Data Analytics 5
IN2030 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 3
IN2031 Einsatz und Realisierung von Datenbanksystemen 6
IN2041 Automata and Formal Languages 8
IN2058 Anwendungen Wissenbasierter Methoden 5
IN2060 Echtzeitsysteme 6
IN2061 Einführung in die digitale Signalverarbeitung 7
IN2062 Grundlagen der Künstlichen Intelligenz 5
IN2064 Machine Learning 8
IN2067 Robotics 6
IN2118 Database Systems on Modern CPU Architectures 6
IN2124 Basic Mathematical Methods for Imaging and Visualization 5
IN2141 Scientific Computing II 5
IN2147 Parallel Programming 5
IN2189 Computer Architecture and Networks 5
IN2210 Tracking and Detection in Computer Vision 7
IN2221 Protein Prediction 8
IN2222 Cognitive Systems 5
IN2228 Computer Vision II: Multiple View Geometry 8
IN2230 Protein Prediction II for Bioinformaticians 8
IN2236 Virtuelle Physik: Moderne Modellierungstechnik und ihr Einsatz in der Computersimulation 4
IN2239 Algorithmic Game Theory 5
IN2246 Computer Vision I: Variational Methods 8
IN2286 Image Guided Surgery 6
IN2291 Protein Prediction II for Computer Scientists 8
IN2293 Medical Augmented Reality 5
IN2297 Geometry Processing 6
IN2298 Advanced Deep Learning for Physics 6
IN2319 Computational Physiology for Medical Image Computing 6
IN2322 Protein Prediction I for Computer Scientists 8
IN2346 Introduction to Deep Learning 6
IN2357 Machine Learning for Computer Vision 5
IN2381 Introduction to Quantum Computing 5
IN2388 Tensor Networks 5
IN2389 Advanced Deep Learning for Computer Vision: Dynamic Vision 8
IN2390 Advanced Deep Learning for Computer Vision: Visual Computing 8
IN2393 Machine Learning for Regulatory Genomics 6
IN8019 Scientific Visualization 4
MA2409 Probability Theory 9
MA3001 Functional Analysis 9
MA3005 Partial Differential Equations 9
MA3081 Dynamical Systems 9
MA3205 Differential Geometry 9
MA3241 Topology 9
MA3303 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 9
MA3305 Numerical Programming 1 (CSE) 8
MA3306 Numerical Programming 2 (CSE) 8
MA3312 Optimal Control of Ordinary Differential Equations 1 5
MA3503 Nonlinear Optimization 5
MA3601 Mathematical Models in Biology 9
MA3602 Applications of Mathematical Biology 9
MA4064 Fourier Analysis 5
MA4303 Advanced Finite Element Methods 5
MA4304 Computational plasma physics 5
MA4502 Combinatorial Optimization 5
MA5016 Differential Forms 6
MA5057 Mathematical Introduction to Quantum Information Processing 9
MA5120 Algebra 2 9
MA5333 Geometric Methods for Physics of Magnetised Plasmas 5
MA5337 Advanced Finite Elements 7
MA5339 Geometric Continuum Mechanics 6
MA5341 Geometric Numerical Integration 1 5
MA5415 Quantitative Risk Management 5
MA5603 Parameter Inference for Stochastic and Deterministic Dynamic Biological Processes 5
MA5902 A Mathematical Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics 3
MA5934 Optimal Transport 9
MA5942 Meromorphic Functions on the Riemann Sphere 5
MA5950 Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations: Theory and Numerics 3
MA9976 Financial Econometrics (FIM) 4
ME0156 Medical Imaging Techniques, Nuclear Medicine 5
ME25666 Introduction to Bioengineering 6
ME510 Immunologie 3
me551 Spezielle Immunologie 3
ME562 Introduction to Biological Imaging 6
ME563 Biomechanik des Ohres 3
ME701 A Basic Introduction to Conventional MRI and Analysis Techniques for Neuro-Applications 2
ME702 Basic Introduction to Advanced MRI and Analysis Techniques for Neuro-Applications 2
ME703 Physics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 5
MEMA-STRB001 Human Biology 6
MEMA-STRB002 Radiation Protection and Medical Applications 6
MW0006 Wärme- und Stoffübertragung 5
MW0028 Dynamik der Straßenfahrzeuge 5
MW0056 Medical Technology 1 - An Organ System Based Approach 5
MW0080 Mikrotechnische Sensoren/Aktoren 5
MW0101 Produktergonomie 5
MW0124 Systems Engineering 5
MW0139 Werkstofftechnik 5
MW0142 Aerodynamik bodengebundener Fahrzeuge 3
MW0143 Aerodynamik der Raumfahrzeuge - Wiedereintrittsaerodynamik 3
MW0147 Anwendung strömungsmechanischer Berechnungsverfahren in Flugtriebwerken 3
MW0164 Energieoptimierung für Gebäude 3
MW0183 Instationäre Aerodynamik 1 3
MW0196 Luft- und Raumfahrtmedizin 3
MW0207 Motorradtechnik 3
MW0210 CFD-Simulation thermischer Prozesse 3
MW0357 Gas Dynamics 5
MW0386 Seilbahntechnik 3
MW0415 Instationäre Aerodynamik 2 3
MW0460 Space Environment and its Simulation 3
MW0470 Numerische Berechnung turbulenter Strömungen 3
MW0538 Moderne Methoden der Regelungstechnik 1 5
MW0612 Finite Elemente 5
MW0620 Nichtlineare Finite-Element-Methoden 5
MW0685 Grundlagen der experimentellen Strömungsmechanik 3
MW0715 Trends in Medical Engineering 1 3
MW0798 Grenzschichttheorie 5
MW0799 Introduction to Nuclear Energy 5
MW0800 Trends und Entwicklungen in der Fahrzeugtechnik 3
MW0836 Navigation und Datenfusion 3
MW0850 Nichtlineare Kontinuumsmechanik 5
MW0866 Multibody Simulation 3
MW0884 Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering 5
MW0887 Technologie und Entwicklung von Triebwerken der nächsten Generation 3
MW0888 Konstruktionsaspekte bei Flugantrieben 3
MW0892 Application of Radioactivity in Industry, Research and Medicine 5
MW0913 Advanced and Future Nuclear Energy Systems 3
MW0964 Fundamentals and Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of Power Stations 5
MW0986 Practical Aspects of Technical Acoustics 3
MW1029 Ringvorlesung Bionik 3
MW1042 Lasertechnik 5
MW1112 Nuclear Fusion Reactor Engineering 3
MW1353 Radiation and Radiation-Protection 5
MW1384 Kohlenstoff und Graphit - Hochleistungswerkstoffe für Schlüsselindustrien 3
MW1402 Hubschrauber-Flugmechanik und -Flugregelung 3
MW1419 Thermodynamics for Energy Conversion 5
MW1420 Advanced Control 5
MW1475 Renewable Energy Technology 1 3
MW1476 Renewable Energy Technology 2 3
MW1746 Advanced Parallel Computing and Solvers for Large Problems in Engineering 5
MW1790 Near Earth Objects (NEOs) 3
MW1814 Solarthermische Kraftwerke 5
MW1817 Biomechanik - Grundlagen und Modellbildung 5
MW1824 Automobilproduktion 3
MW1827 Mikroskopische Biomechanik 5
MW1828 Designprinzipien in Biomaterialien - die Natur als Ingenieur 3
MW1834 Grundlagen der Kälteerzeugung und Industrielle Tieftemperaturanlagen 3
MW1969 Desalination 5
MW1979 Introduction to Spacecraft Technology 4
MW1983 Spacecraft Technology 8
MW2075 Multifunktionelle polymerbasierte Komposite 3
MW2076 Auslegung von Elektrofahrzeugen 5
MW2085 Flugführung 2 3
MW2119 Turbomaschinen 5
MW2120 Raumfahrtantriebe 1 5
MW2132 Spacecraft Design 5
MW2152 Modeling, Control and Design of Wind Energy Systems 5
MW2155 Bemannte Raumfahrt 5
MW2182 Orbit- und Flugmechanik 5
MW2185 Stromnetze 3
MW2217 Plasma-Material-Wechselwirkung 3
MW2238 Energetische Nutzung von Biomasse und Reststoffen 3
MW2248 Datenanalyse und Versuchsplanung 5
MW2323 Computational Acoustics 5
MW2324 Stochastische Finite-Elemente-Methode in der Vibroakustik 5
MW2378 Künstliche Intelligenz in der Fahrzeugtechnik 5
MW2427 Nuclear Fusion Technology 5
MW2450 Physics-Informed Machine Learning 5
MW2478 Hydrodynamic Stability 3
PH2110 Grundlagen und Methoden der Physiologie, Biochemie und Molekularbiologie 5
PH2139 Grundlagen und Methoden der Biochemie und Molekularbiologie 5
PH2236 Grundlagen der molekularen Biologie für Physiker 3
PH8124 Scientific Computing in High-Energy Physics 3
WZ0443 Proteintechnologie: Membranen und Membranproteine 3
WZ1223 Klima, Klimawandel und Landnutzung 5
WZ2051 Einführung in die Geologie und Gesteinskunde 3
WZ2243 Technische Zellbiologie 4
WZ2457 Neurobiologie 3
WZ2458 Sinnesphysiologie 3
WZ2693 Cognitive Neuroscience 3
WZ3213 Molecular Oncology 5
WZ6318 Geologische Grundlagen der Naturräume Bayerns 5
WZ8088 Climate Change 6
WZ8100 Fundamentals of Climate Change 3
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