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Special and Theory Courses in Physics

Master's students can choose their special courses in physics out of an extensive and dynamic catalog, covering nearly all research topics pursued in our department and affiliated institutions.

For your Master's program in physics you have to pass 40 CP (ECTS) in theory and special courses. 10 CP of these have to be from the theory catalog of your Master's program. Up to 10 CP may (and should) be chosen from the complementary offer (i. e. not from the specific catalog). If you would like to deviate from this rule (if you would like to take less than 10 CP from the complementary offer), this needs to be confirmed by your mentor (by signature on the mentoring form). Modules from the theory catalog of your Master’s program exceeding the 10 CP are counted as specific special courses.

After the second semester in the master you must have passed at least 10 CP of the special courses

The table below lists by default only modules offered in current semester (i.e. WS 2020/1). You can use the search feature to look for modules from other semesters.

Specific Catalog

In the specific catalog all special courses are thematically assigned to the Master's programs. The assignment is not unique, in many cases a special course is assigned to more than one Master's program. To be specific to the orientation of the chosen Master's program, you have to take special courses in an amount of at least 30 CP from the theory catalog and specific catalog of your Master's program.

Complementary Catalog

To secure the breadth of education, which represents a physics degree, you should choose 10 CP from the complementary courses to your Master's program. A deviation from this rule is allowed when the breadth of education is still met. Thus, if the overall selection of courses selected from the specific catalog is sufficiently broad you may get away with 5 or even no credits from the complementary catalog. But in this case, you have to discuss your choice with your (mentor).

Exams for all special courses from the specific catalog need to be registered in TUMonline within the specific catalog even if you make use of this rule here.

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Module ID Title KM KTA BIO AEP CP Cycle
PH1001 Theoretische Festkörperphysik T 10 W
PH1002 Quantum Mechanics 2 T 10 W
PH1007 Continuum Mechanics T T 10 W
PH2001 Biomedical Physics 1 5 W
PH2002 Biomedical Physics 2 5 S
PH2013 Biophysik der Zelle 1 5 W
PH2023 Kinetics of Cellular Reactions 5 W
PH2027 Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems 1 5 W
PH2031 Superconductivity and Low Temperature Physics 1 5 W
PH2033 Magnetism 5 W
PH2035 Plasma Physics 1 5 W
PH2037 Magnetohydrodynamic Phenomena - an Introduction 5 W
PH2041 Quantum Field Theory T 10 W
PH2042 Introduction to QCD 5 S
PH2043 General Relativity and Cosmology 10 W
PH2044 Testing the Standard Model of Particle Physics 1 5 W
PH2046 Polymer Physics 1 5 W
PH2048 Nanostructured Soft Materials 1 5 W
PH2050 Reactor Physics 1 and Applications of Nuclear Technology 5 W
PH2053 Physics with Neutrons 1 5 W
PH2057 Computational Physics 1 5 W
PH2058 Introduction to Astro Physics 5 W
PH2071 Fundamentals of Surface and Nanoscale Science 5 W
PH2073 Astro Particle Physics 1 5 W
PH2075 Physics with Positrons 1 5 W
PH2077 Computational Astrophysics 5 W
PH2081 Particle Physics at Colliders and in the High Energy Universe 5 W
PH2101 FPGA based detector signal processing 5 W/S
PH2134 Advanced Materials Analysis with Synchrotron Radiation: Techniques and Applications 5 W
PH2140 Nanoscience using Scanning Probe Microscopy 5 W/S
PH2155 Advanced Semiconductor Physics 10 W
PH2158 Photonics and Ultrafast Physics 1 5 W
PH2165 Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Systems 5 W
PH2175 Turbulence in neutral Fluids und Plasmas 5 W
PH2181 Image Processing in Physics 5 W/S
PH2182 Modern X-Ray Physics 5 W/S
PH2183 Nanotechnologies 5 W
PH2189 Semiconductor Synthesis and Nanoanalytics 5 W
PH2199 Cosmology 5 W
PH2201 Energy Materials 1 5 W
PH2202 From Quarks to Hadrons: Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Parton Model 5 ~
PH2218 Materials Physics on an Atomistic Scale 1 5 W
PH2226 Chemistry in Biomedical Imaging for Physicists 5 W/S
PH2228 Synthetic Biology 1 5 W
PH2238 Concepts for Future Hadron Collider Experiments 1 5 W
PH2243 Extreme Conditions Physics 5 W
PH2248 Cosmology and Structure Formation 10 S
PH2251 Techniques and Data Analysis in Biophysics 1 5 W
PH2254 QCD in Accelerator Experiments 5 W
PH2255 Nano- and Optomechanics 5 W
PH2256 Quantum Many-Body Physics T T 10 W
PH2258 Nuclear Astrophysics 10 W
PH2260 Advanced Statistical Physics 10 W
PH2273 Semiconductor Quantum Photonics 10 S
PH2274 Physics of Electrochemical Interfaces 5 W
PH2275 Electronic Structure of Solids 5 W
PH2278 Quark-Gluon Plasma: a study of an extreme state of matter at LHC 5 W
PH2281 Applied Multi-Messenger Astronomy 1 5 W
PH2289 Computational Materials Physics 5 W
PH2291 Fortgeschrittene optische Spektroskopie von Halbleiter-Nanomaterialien 5 ?
PH2293 Modern Concepts for Radiation Detection 5 W
PH2299 Quantum Computing with Superconducting Qubits: architecture and algorithms 5 W
PH2301 Hadrons at Accelerators and Astrophysics Observables 5 W
PH2302 Nonrelativistic Effective Field Theories at Zero and Finite Temperature 10 W
PH2303 Weakly Interacting Particles 🗙 5 W
PH2305 Neutrinos and Societal Applications 5 ?
CH3333 Advanced Electronic Structure 5 W

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