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Elite-Masterstudiengang Theoretische und Mathematische Physik

Als Studierende(r) des Elite-Masterstudiengangs Theoretische und Mathematische Physik können Sie an allen Modulen des Lehrangebots am Physik-Department teilnehmen.

For administrative questions on the TMP program please refer to the colleagues at LMU.

Enrolment at TUM and access to TUMonline

Since the TMP program is a joint program of LMU, TUM and FAU, you are automatically enrolled at TUM too.

LMU Admissions Office notifies TUM Admissions Office and you should have received a TUM student ID number (Matrikelnummer) and a TUM login – if not, please contact

With your TUM login you can access TUMonline for course and exam registration. Keep in mind that course registration is optional but useful to get current information such as schedule changes or access to lecture material provided via e. g. moodle. However, exam registration is mandatory!

Set up your e-mail address in TUMonline in order to receive messages sent via TUMonline!

Course Catalog

Given that as TMP student you are a regular student at TUM, you may in general take all modules offered. Of special interest are probably our special courses for Master students.

Exam Registration

Please keep in mind that you need to register for exams in TUMonline – use "Exam Registration" on your Workplace (klick on your name in the top right corner) and use "Register (ALL TU Muenchen exams)" to search for the module number (e. g. PH1001).

Regular registration deadline is January 15 in winter semester and June 30 in summer semester. See exam periods and registration deadlines for more details and especially what to do if you missed the deadline.