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Examination periods and registration deadlines

Our examinations normally take place accompanying the corresponding semester of study and are organized in the usual periods. Each module has two examination dates within an academic year.

Regularly there are two time periods for module exams at TUM. The first follows immediately the lecture period, the second is just before the lecture period of the following semester begins. The exact dates for the current and following semesters are given in the table below. The registration periods are defaults – please keep in mind that there might be small deviations.

For decentrally organized oral exams, the examiners in our department are free to arrange individual exam dates of the first period at later dates – normally latest at the registration deadline of the second period of the same semester. In the same way, oral exams of the second period may take place at an earlier date (after the registration deadline of the second period).

SS 2024Mon, 20.05.2024 00:00 till Sun, 30.06.2024 23:59Mon, 15.07.2024 till Sat, 10.08.2024
Mon, 09.09.2024 00:00 till Mon, 23.09.2024 23:59Tue, 24.09.2024 till Sat, 19.10.2024
WS 2024/5Mon, 11.11.2024 00:00 till Wed, 15.01.2025 23:59Mon, 03.02.2025 till Sat, 01.03.2025
Mon, 17.03.2025 00:00 till Mon, 31.03.2025 00:00Mon, 07.04.2025 till Sat, 26.04.2025
SS 2025Mon, 26.05.2025 00:00 till Mon, 30.06.2025 23:59Mon, 21.07.2025 till Sat, 16.08.2025
Mon, 08.09.2025 00:00 till Mon, 22.09.2025 23:59Tue, 23.09.2025 till Sat, 18.10.2025

Please keep in mind that according to §14 (1) S. 4 APSO exam dates including the first week of the lecture period of the following semester are accounted for the previous semester. Exam dates may thus be after the end of a semester.

Registration for exams

Registration for exams according to §15 (1) APSO for students of the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Physics is done via TUMonline. Only exceptions are

  • certain lab courses (e. g. the advanced lab course), where the registration is done via different systems, and
  • the final thesis and the final colloquium.

Here, the term "exam" refers to all kind of examinations. Especially course work without an explicit exam (e. g. student seminars) requires exam registration in TUMonline. Whenever you want to have credits (ECTS or CP) you need to register the corresponding examination.

In addition, according to §15 (2) APSO, to repeat an exam after having failed it, you need to register again.

De-Registration from Exams

After the de-registration deadline given at the individual exam, the registration is binding. If you happen not to take the examination, you will receive an "X – nicht erschienen", equivalent to 5,0. In general, the consequence of this is limited since final documents only contain positive results.

Hence after de-registration deadline we will not de-register you from an exam. You'll have to cope with the failed grade. However, not showing up for an oral examination without giving notice may not be well seen by the examiner.

Changes concerning GOP starting WS 2018/9

For the first time at the exams following WS 2018/9, there will be a regular exam registration for the module exams within GOP during the first year of the Bachelor’s program. The exam registration serves us to do the seating plans.

If you do not register for the exams of GOP, the legal fiction of registration according to the exam regulations still holds – automatic registration is done by the student’s office and not showing up results in not passing. For students that did not register themselves, no seating place will be assigned at first. You can take the exam without self-registration – but you may have to do it with a less than optimal seating situation.

Late registration after missing the deadline

If you as a physics student miss to register an exam within the deadline in TUMonline for a good reason, you may file for late registration using the late registration form.

Late registration of students of other departments even in physics exams is only done by the other department. For example, a student in the Bachelor's program in Mathematics requiring late registration in the Experimental Physics 1 exam needs to contact the Infopoint of Mathematics.

Physics students should hand in the completed form to a member of the team of study organisation and counseling (not the Dean of Studies and not the responsible professors for a study program) in person (only if you are absolutely sure to have filled in everything correctly, you may send the form via mail or as scan via e-mail to It needs to be signed by you and either the examiner or the teaching assistant responsible for the exam organization. Take care of including the correct code of the exam – the exam number is usually identical to the module number and is never a simple integer but starts with the shorthand of the responsible department (e.g. "PH" for exams in Physics).

Students of other departments need to contact their department!

Information on dates of written exams

The coordination of the exam dates for written exams is done in two steps:

Centralized coordination (usually before semester start)
Larger written exams, especially those of mandatory modules, are coordinated with the other departments at TUM. Starting WS 2015/6 this is done by software aided mathematical optimization of the dates. Hence from WS 2015/6 historical dates have less to no prediction power for the future.
As soon as this information is available, the preliminary plan for the examination dates in physics is made available in the internal section. Please keep in mind: only the final date published in TUMonline is valid at the end.
Distributed coordination (usually until the registration starts after five weeks in the lecture period)
Single written exams are added by the examiners after the centralized exam coordination has taken place.

Subsequently, information on the examination dates is available in the corresponding module descriptions of the course catalog and at the specific page for the Bachelor’s program in physics. Please always check the TUMonline entry!

Individual dates for oral exams

With a few exceptions, oral exams are organized by the examiners themselves. In general you will find a remark at the TUMonline registration form stating this. Please contact directly the examiner to receive your individual date.

The examiners are relatively free to set the dates, but you should keep in mind that the time between the two lecturing periods is divided in two examination periods. When you register for the first period (dummy date usually one week before the lectures end), the exam needs to be before the dummy date of the second examination period – and after if you register for the second examination period. You will fail the exam ("X – nicht erschienen") if you do not take the exam at the end of the examination period you have registered for or at the latest one week after lecturing of the following semester starts.

Oral exams coordinated by department administration

For certain mandatory or required elective modules with oral exams the examiner assignment and coordination individual exam dates is done by the student's office in the Physics Department. Especially these are:

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