Studies Related Dates and Deadlines

Wichtige Termine und Fristen für das Studium am Physik-Department der TUM. Verbindlich sind stets nur die offiziellen Bekanntmachungen, beachten Sie dazu auch die Seite "Termine und Fristen" des SSZ. Soweit verfügbar finden Sie hier auch den Stundenplan für das Physik-Studium.

Semester dates and lecturing period for WS 2016/7

Semester partition
Sat, 01.10.2016 till Fri, 31.03.2017
Lecturing period
Mon, 17.10.2016 till Sat, 11.02.2017
Bank holidays
Day of German UnityMon, 03.10.2016
All Saints’ DayTue, 01.11.2016
Christmas DaySun, 25.12.2016
Boxing DayMon, 26.12.2016
New Year’s DaySun, 01.01.2017
EpiphanyFri, 06.01.2017
lecture free days
Dies AcademicusWed, 07.12.2016
Christmas EveSat, 24.12.2016
Christmas BreakSat, 24.12.2016 till Fri, 06.01.2017
SilvesterSat, 31.12.2016
Shrove Tuesday (starting 12:00)Tue, 28.02.2017

Deadlines for application for WS 2016/7

Application for the Bachelor’s program Physics
Sun, 15.05.2016 00:00 till Fri, 15.07.2016 23:59
Application for the Master’s programs Physics
Fri, 01.01.2016 00:00 till Tue, 31.05.2016 23:59

Timetables for WS 2016/7

The following timetables are for your information only. They usually do not contain elective courses, tutorials or lab courses. Current informationen is always available in TUMonline.

As student you obtain your individual timetable in TUMonline by registering for the courses actually taken by you. The relevant dates will then be included in your individual timetable.

Exam periods and exam registration for WS 2016/7

The registration deadlines given here are the default values. Please keep in mind that deviations are possible – the relevant deadline is always the one given at the single exam date published in TUMonline!

First exam period
Mon, 13.02.2017 till Sat, 04.03.2017
Registration: Mon, 21.11.2016 00:00 till Sat, 04.03.2017 20:00
Second exam period
Mon, 03.04.2017 till Sat, 29.04.2017
Registration: Mon, 06.03.2017 00:00 till Sat, 29.04.2017 20:00

Internal dates of academic administration

Announcment of courses with reference to modules (especially special courses) for WS 2016/7
Fri, 27.05.2016
Please announce your courses in time. Students should be able to get an overview over the offered courses before the lecture period of the previous semester ends. In general we cannot guarantee that the room and time slots of the year before are available again after the deadline passed.
Deadlines for grading of exams after lecture period of WS 2016/7
First exam period: Fri, 03.03.2017
Second exam period (this is the final deadline for all grades of this semester): Fri, 12.05.2017
Please submit grades as soon as possible after they are final (fro written exams this usually is immediately after you gave the students the possibility to look at the graded exam ["Einsicht"]), and latest two weeks after the lecturing period of the following semester.
further dates
Department Advisory Committee (DAC) MeetingWed, 05.10.2016
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