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Experimental Semiconductor Physics

Prof. Ian Sharp

Research Field

A description of the fascinating research topics follows soon.


Am Coulombwall 4
85748 Garching b. München

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Course with Participations of Group Members

Titel und Modulzuordnung
Experimental Physics 2 in English
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
VO 2 Sharp, I. Do, 14:00–16:00, virtuell
Renewable Energy
eLearning-Kurs LV-Unterlagen
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
VO 4 Sharp, I. Do, 16:00–18:00, virtuell
Aktuelle Probleme der Halbleiterphysik und fortgeschrittenen Materialien
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
HS 2 Sharp, I. Stutzmann, M. Fr, 13:00–14:30, virtuell
Physics and Materials Science of Renewable Energy
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
PS 2 Sharp, I.
Mitwirkende: Eichhorn, J.
Fr, 14:15–16:00, virtuell
Exercise to Experimental Physics 2 in English
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
UE 1
Leitung/Koordination: Sharp, I.
Übung zu Erneuerbare Energien
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
UE 1
Leitung/Koordination: Sharp, I.
Termine in Gruppen
FOPRA-Versuch 28: Halbleiter-Photoelektrochemie
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
PR 1 Sharp, I.
Mitwirkende: Kunzelmann, V.
FOPRA-Versuch 29: Optische Charakterisierung von Hybrid-Perowskiten
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
PR 1 Deschler, F. Sharp, I.
Mitwirkende: Stadlbauer, A.
Repetitorium zu Physik und Materialwissenschaften von Erneuerbaren Energien
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
RE 2
Leitung/Koordination: Sharp, I.
Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist keinem Modul zugeordnet.
SE 2 Belkin, M. Brandt, M. Finley, J. Holleitner, A. Sharp, I. … (insgesamt 6) Di, 13:15–14:30, virtuell
Sprechstunde zu Experimentalphysik 2 in englischer Sprache
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
RE 2 Sharp, I.

Offers for Theses in the Group

Magneto-optical properties of transition metal doped hybrid perovskites






The Deschler group at the Walter Schottky Institute of TU Munich invites applications for


Master Projects on Magneto-Optical Effects of Novel 2D Materials 

The group

The Deschler group is an independent research group at the Walter Schottky Institute of TU Munich, established through the DFG Emmy-Noether Program and an ERC Starting Grant. Its research focuses on the ultrafast dynamics of functional materials and their applications for energy applications.

More information can be found on our website at

Your project
You will investigate the outstanding properties of novel 2D magnetic semiconductors with the design and operation of cutting-edge magneto-optical setups to explore the interaction of magnetism and luminescence in these materials.  Specifically, this could be work on one of the following topics or a mixture of both in agreement with your supervisor

  • Design of Novel 2D Magnetic Hybrid Perovskites

Due to their outstanding optoelectronic properties and high defect tolerance, organo-metal halide perovskites form an ideal system for efficient magnetic doping. 

There are a lot of promising semiconducting perovskites showing a strong photoluminescence, which are suitable as a host material for magnetic doping with transition metal ions like Mn2+, Fe2+, Co2+ and Ni2+. In this project you will fabricate high-quality crystals and thin films with solution-/vapor-based synthesis and investigate them with structural, magnetic and optical measurements to identify the most promising materials.

  • Construction and Operation of Magneto-Optical Setups

Materials that combine magnetic and semiconducting properties are desired for spintronic applications.  Optical properties such as the polarization of the luminescence can be controlled via the spin-alignment in these materials. In this project you will design and build a setup for the investigation of magneto-optical effects like Kerr rotation, Faraday rotation, magnetic circular dichroism and magnetic circularly polarized luminescence.


In your Master’s project in our group, you will have the chance to gain hands-on experience in some of the most exciting fields of condensed matter physics. You will run experiments at cryogenic temperatures, control magnetic fields and laser irradiation and learn state-of-the art ultrafast spectroscopy. Dedicated support from a PhD student or postdoc will be available during your project.  You will be expected to make scientific discoveries and contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of our group.


Your application

Applications should be sent to Please include your CV, a copy of your BSc thesis and the transcript of grades of your BSc studies.  

suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Condensed Matter Physics
  • Master’s Thesis Applied and Engineering Physics
Supervisor: Felix Deschler

Current and Finished Theses in the Group

Control of Charge Transport in Low-dimensional Materials with Ultrathin Interfacial Oxides and Nitrides
Abschlussarbeit im Masterstudiengang Physik (Physik der kondensierten Materie)
Themensteller(in): Ian Sharp
Optical Properties of Ta3N5 Thin Films for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Abschlussarbeit im Masterstudiengang Physics (Applied and Engineering Physics)
Themensteller(in): Ian Sharp
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