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Boards at Physics Department

This page lists the official boards installed at the Physics Department.

Department Council

The Department Council ("Fakultätsrat") consists of 11 elected representatives of professors (6), scientific staff (2), non-scientific staff (1), students (2), and the Dean, Vicedean, Dean of Studies, and the Women's Representative. The council discusses fundamental issues in the Department and is responsible for all matters not in the responsibility of the Dean (Art. 31 BayHSchG). Elections take place every three years.

Photo von Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Johannes Barth.


Consultation Hour
Mo nachm. / Mi vorm
PH II: 211 +49 89 289-12609
Photo von Prof. Jonathan Finley.

Representative of the professors

Consultation Hour
Freitag 9:00 bis 11:00
WSI: S209 +49 89 289-11576
Photo von Prof. Dr. Ulrich Gerland

Representative of the professors

Consultation Hour
nach Vereinbarung
PH: 3333 +49 89 289-12394

Examination Committee for the B.Sc. Physics Program

Examination Committee for the M.Sc. Physics Programs

Prüfungsausschuss für den Masterstudiengang Quantum Science & Technology

The exmination committee for the M.Sc. Quantum Science & Technology program decides on all matters concerning examinations like withdrawing from exams due to medical conditions or extension of deadlines.

Future development and quality management of the study program is coordinated by the Dean of Studies and the study organisation team.

Photo von Dr. rer. nat. Marianne Köpf.

Manager of the Examination Board for the M.Sc. program Quantum Science & Technology

Consultation Hour
Ich bin vsl. bis 1.9.21 in Mutterschutz/Elternzeit
PH: 2049 +49 89 289-12596

All communication with the examination committe shall exclusively be channeled through the study program manager.

Prüfungsausschuss für den Masterstudiengang Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

Departmental Student Council

The departmental student council consists of 12 students elected each year in summer semester. They represent the students in the Department Council, the TUM Student Council ("Fachschaftenrat"), and in all boards in the department discussing curricula, study programs, and examination regulations. The department student council Physics connects with Mathematics and Informatics in university policies, events, and many other services like providing printed lecture notes. More information is available at the website of "Fachschaft MPI".

Representatives of the Doctoral Candidates in the Graduate Center Physics

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