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Gender Equality

The physics department supports the career development of female students and staff, and promotes awareness in questions of gender equality. Our equal oppportunities plan is drawn every two years, containing the main goals and specific actions.

Female professors at work in the Physics Department Nora Brambilla (left) and Katharina Krischer (right), female professors at the Physics Department. Fotos: TUM/Heddergott. The equal opportunities plan undergoes a constant quality management through the equal opportunities comission, which optimizes resources, processes and monitors actions. Due to the complexity of this task, the Physics Department has its own Equal Opportunities Officer, who is available as contact person, organizer of events and ongoing compiler of ideas for the equal opportunities plan.

For young female scientists and students, it can be interesting the information on jobs, support of positions, child care services and scholarships.

Equal Opportunities Plan

A new equality plan is submitted every two years. Currently, the 9th update of the Equality Plan is available, which was developed by a commission appointed by the Faculty Council in 2021. The Equality Plan records and evaluates the current situation of female students and scientists at the Physics Department and proposes measures to increase the proportion of women among students and in the scientific field.

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