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Dense and Strange Hadronic Matter

Prof. Laura Fabbietti

Research Field

We are working mainly on strange things, which sounds maybe odd but it refers simply to particles containing a strange quark.

Why is the study of mesons and baryons with a strange content relevant for the human kind? One of the pioneering ideas behind this study was the hypothesis that neutron stars might have a condensate of strange particles in their core. Astronomers look at neutron stars and determine their mass and radii, we collide nuclei in the laboratory and try to produce high density environments, to measure there strange particles and help theoreticians in constraining models for neutron stars... among other things.


James-Franck-Str. 1
85748 Garching b. München

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Course with Participations of Group Members

Titel und Modulzuordnung
Kern-, Teilchen- und Astrophysik 2
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
VO 4 Fabbietti, L. Kaiser, N. Mi, 08:30–10:00, PH HS2
Di, 14:00–15:30, PH HS2
Do, 14:00–15:30, PH HS2
Fr, 12:00–14:00, PH HS2
Fr, 10:00–11:30, PH HS2
Übung zu Kern-, Teilchen- und Astrophysik 2
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
UE 2
Leitung/Koordination: Fabbietti, L.
Termine in Gruppen

Current and Finished Theses in the Group

Analyses of Symmetry Plane Correlations in Pb-Pb Collisions at 2.76 TeV with ALICE at the LHC
Abschlussarbeit im Masterstudiengang Physik (Kern-, Teilchen- und Astrophysik)
Themensteller(in): Ante Bilandzic
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