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Applied Quantum Field Theory

Research Field

The research activities of our group are focused on the development and application of theoretical methods in the physics of strong interactions, the fundamental forces which are responsible for the inner structure of protons and neutrons as well as for the structure of nuclei. The basis of these investigations is Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD), the theory of the interaction of quarks and gluons. Part of this program is the investigation of the substructure of baryons and mesons as well as the explanation of the wealth of phenomena resulting from the collective interplay of these particles in nuclei.


James-Franck-Str. 1/I
85748 Garching b. München
+49 89 289 12358
Fax: +49 89 289 12325


Course with Participations of Group Members

Titel und Modulzuordnung
Kern-, Teilchen- und Astrophysik 2
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
VO 4 Fabbietti, L. Kaiser, N. Fr, 12:00–14:00, PH HS2
Fr, 10:00–11:30, PH HS2
Do, 14:00–15:30, PH HS2
Mi, 08:30–10:00, PH HS2
Di, 14:00–15:30, PH HS2
Theoretische Physik 3 (Quantenmechanik)
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
VO 4 Vairo, A. Mo, 08:30–10:00, PH HS1
Mi, 10:00–12:00, PH HS1
Offenes Tutorium zu Theoretische Physik 3 (Quantenmechanik)
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
UE 2
Leitung/Koordination: Vairo, A.
Mi, 12:00–14:00, ZEI 0001
Tutorial to Theoretical Particle Physics
eLearning-Kurs LV-Unterlagen
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
UE 2 Mohapatra, A. Qerimi, G. Steinbeißer, S. Vander Griend, P.
Leitung/Koordination: Brambilla, N.
Termine in Gruppen
Übung zu Theoretische Physik 3 (Quantenmechanik)
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
UE 2
Leitung/Koordination: Vairo, A.
Termine in Gruppen
Seminar on effective field theories
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
SE 4 Brambilla, N. Vairo, A. Mi, 14:00–16:00, PH 1121
Fr, 12:00–14:00, PH 1121

Current and Finished Theses in the Group

Density-Dependent Neutron-Neutron Interaction from Subleading Chiral Three-Neutron Forces
Abschlussarbeit im Bachelorstudiengang Physik
Themensteller(in): Norbert Kaiser
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