Elective Compulsory in Theoretical Physics

With the succesful completition of an elective compulsory module, a profound knowledge in advanced theoretical physics is assured in all of our Master's program.

In the first year of studies, normally in the winter semester, the study program contains a module in theoretical physics, which workload is 10 CP (ECTS). The theory module is a compulsory elective course, meaning that a module has to choose before the first attempt of the exam and that this choice cannot be changed after taking the exam.

Most of these compulsory elective courses can be chosen as a complementary special course in the other physics Master programs, where they are not in the theory catalog (see special courses catalog).

In general, the examination of these modules is written, taking place during the examination period at the beginning of the semester break. An additional date for re-examination, if the first attemt was unsuccessful, is offered at the end of the semester break. Further possibilities for examination are given a year later, when the module is offered again.

Masterstudiengang Physik (Physik der kondensierten Materie)

Masterstudiengang Physik (Kern-, Teilchen- und Astrophysik)

Masterstudiengang Physik (Biophysik)

Masterstudiengang "Physics (Applied and Engineering Physics)"