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Master Program Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

The courses on the Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics Master teaches the basics and the skills required to successfully carry out research or industrial projects across the interdisciplinary boundaries between natural sciences, engineering and medicine.

This page gives an overview of the curriculum in the Master program Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics and links current informationen for students. Prospective applicants can find detailed information on the study program in description of M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics. After successful application new students find help to begin their studies in the Study Introduction Days (SET) and other events.


The first year of this interdisciplinary Master program focusses mainly on assisting lectures and lab courses, while the second year focusses on the research within the framework of the Master's thesis.


7. und 8. Semester - Study phase

PH2001 Biomedical Physics 1 5 CP
PH2002 Biomedical Physics 2 5 CP
Focus Area 40 CP
PH1032 Lab Course Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics 6 CP
General Education Subjects  4 CP

9. und 10. Semester - Research Phase

Master's seminar 15 CP
Master's work experience 15 CP
Master's thesis 30 CP 

During the study phase, the students select and assist the lectures from the compulsory- and elective-subjects catalogue. The elective subjects cover selected topics from the research area Biomedical Engineering and introduces them into the current research, reflecting in a unique way, the broad research activity of the Physics Department and the Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE). The scientifically-oriented lab course and the general-education subject, which bridges the gap to the neighboring scientific areas, round off the profile of this Master program.

During the research phase, the students will directly encounter current research topics in medical physics. After an initial familiarization through the Master’s seminar and the Master’s work experience, the students will independently work on their Master's thesis. The intensive support during the whole research phase will be ensured by the numerous scientists all over the research campus. The students will profit from the excellent research environment and the national and international research networks.

„Direct Track“ from the Master Program to a Ph. D.

Talented students can continue the Master’s research phase seamlessly with a doctoral project, speeding up their academic career. Already during your Master’s research phase (Thesis) you may become a member of the Department Graduate Center and hence participate in the training program of TUM Graduate School.

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