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Elective Courses in the Focus Areas of M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

Master's students of the interdisciplinary program Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics can choose their special courses out of an extensive and dynamic catalog, covering nearly all research topics pursued in our department and affiliated institutions.

For your Master's program you have to pass 40 CP (ECTS) in special courses. To ensure a broad coverage of topics a consultation by a mentor (by signature on the mentoring form).

Information about the special courses catalog

The specific courses catalog will be given at the beginning of the studying year. The workload of the modules can vary between 4 CP and 6 CP.

By default, the table displays only the catalog for the specific courses of the current semester in the Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics Master program. You can use the search function to change this selection.

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Modules in WS 2022/3

Focus Area Bio-Sensors in M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

Module ID Title CP Cycle
PH2013 Physical Biology of the Cell 1 5 W
PH2110 Fundamentals and Methods of Physiology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology 5 W
PH2228 Synthetic Biology 1 5 W
PH2251 Techniques and Data Analysis in Biophysics 1 5 W
CH0170 Mammalian Cell Engineering 6 W/S
ED160004 Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: Fundamentals and Applications 5 W
EI70270 Neuroprosthetics 5 W/S
EI71032 In vitro Diagnostics 5 W/S
EI71045 Design of Safe Medical Devices and Boards 5 W/S
EI71082 Advanced Microfluidics 5 W/S
EI71091 Nano- and Microrobotics 5 W/S
EI71097 Flow Lithography 5 W/S
IN1503 Advanced Programming 5 W
IN2026 Visual Data Analytics 5 W
IN2292 Introduction to Surgical Robotics 6 W
IN2339 Data Analysis and Visualization in R 6 W
IN2346 Introduction to Deep Learning 6 S
IN2349 Advanced Deep Learning for Robotics 6 W/S
IN2386 Cloud-Based Data Processing 5 W
IN2405 Neuroprosthetics: Artificial Limbs 5 W
MW0056 Medical Technology 1 - An Organ System Based Approach 5 W
MW2232 Polymers and Polymer Technology 5 W
SG860013 Human Robotics 5 W
WZ2427 Molecular Cell Biology of Tumorigenesis 6 W/S
WZ2439 Proteomics: Analytical Basics and Biomedical Applications 6 W/S

Focus Area Imaging in M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

Module ID Title CP Cycle
PH2048 Nanostructured Soft Materials 1 5 W
PH2075 Physics with Positrons 1 5 W
PH2158 Photonics and Ultrafast Physics 1 5 W
PH2181 Image Processing in Physics 5 W/S
PH2182 Modern X-Ray Physics 5 W/S
PH2226 Chemistry in Biomedical Imaging for Physicists 5 W/S
PH2271 Physics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2 5 S
PH2291 Optical Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Nanomaterials and Nanostructures 5 W
IN2021 Computer Aided Medical Procedures 6 W
IN2062 Techniques in Artificial Intelligence 5 W
IN2124 Basic Mathematical Methods for Imaging and Visualization 5 W
IN2157 Fundamental Algorithms 5 W
IN2286 Image Guided Surgery 6 S
IN2293 Medical Augmented Reality 5 W
IN2375 Computer Vision III: Detection, Segmentation, and Tracking 6 W
IN2386 Cloud-Based Data Processing 5 W
IN2403 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 5 W/S
ME0156 Medical Imaging Techniques, Nuclear Medicine 5 W/S
ME562 Introduction to Biological Imaging 6 W
ME56795 Introduction to Theranostics: concepts, implementation, clinical use cases 5 W/S
ME703 Physics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 5 W/S
MEMA-STRB001 Human Biology 6 W
MW2435 Introduction to Scientific Machine Learning for Engineers 3 W

Mandatory Modules in M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

Module ID Title CP Cycle
PH2001 Biomedical Physics 1 5 W/S
PH2002 Biomedical Physics 2 5 W/S

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