Ranking of Student Cohorts in the Bachelor’s Program Physics

In addition to the ECTS grading table issued after completion of the studies students in the Bachelor's program Physics of the first two years may receive a ranking within their student cohort at the Dean’s Office.

The  final documents will be issued by the  examination office Garching, including the "grading table", which shows your  final grade and predicate in relation to the graduates of the last two years. The "grading table" carries its own page header, is numbered separately and will not be referenced in the other documents.

In addition students in the Bachelor's program can receive a ranking for the first four semesters at the Dean's office.

Semester Ranking in the Bachelor's program

In addition to the grading table the Physics Department offers students in the first four semesters of the Bachelor's program a semester ranking. This will be normalised on the student count at the beginning of the studies. Hence putting the grades into a sensible relation.

A semester ranking is only available for students who passed all three requred modules of the semester after the second examination period. The grade is the CP weighted average. See the following table.

Semester rankings and included required modules

Module (CP)Module (CP)Module (CP)Ranking
1. FS (GOP1) PH0001 (9) MA9201 (8) MA9202 (8) Example
2. FS (GOP2) PH0002 (9) PH0005 (8) MA9203 (8) Example
3. FS PH0003 (8) PH0006 (8) MA9204 (8) Example
4. FS PH0004 (8) PH0007 (9) CH1104 (6) Example

The rankings are issued by Sabine Ging at the Dean’s Office, visiting hours Mo–Fr 08:30–13:30 Uhr.

Due to the different possibilities in the further studies there will not be any rankings for the 5th or 6th semester. After the 6th semester (more precisely the end of studies) the degree is ranked by the grading table included in the final documents.