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Massimo Kube

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Biomolekulare Nanotechnologie
Vertreter der Doktorand(inn)en im Fakultätsgraduiertenzentrum Physik (Stellvertreter)

Ausgeschriebene Angebote für Abschlussarbeiten

Analysing Structural Heterogeneity in 3D DNA Origami

DNA origami enables us to build complex structures with sub-nanometer precision. We designed and built a nanoscale force spectrometer which consists of two beams and a spring mechanism that generates a force in-between them.

This thesis project focuses on solving the 3 dimensional structure of this DNA origami object, analysing its conformational states and deducing an energy landscape from them.

The project will start in March 2019. Basic programming skills welcome but not required.

geeignet als
  • Bachelorarbeit Physik
Themensteller(in): Hendrik Dietz
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