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Übung zu Photochemische Energieumwandlung und künstliche Photosynthese
Exercise to Photochemical Energy Conversion and Artificial Photosynthesis

Lehrveranstaltung 0000003665 im SS 2019


LV-Art Übung
Umfang 2 SWS
betreuende Organisation Chemische Physik fern des Gleichgewichts
Dozent(inn)en Werner Schindler
Termine Di, 11:30–13:00, PH 3734

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ergänzende Hinweise Photochemical Energy Conversion and Artificial Photosynthesis For the transition to a renewable energy based energy supply, the greatest challenge is the energy storage to compensate for the daily and yearly variability of wind and solar energy. Owing to their high energy density and temporally unlimited storage capacity, fuels, such as hydrogen, methane or liquid hydrocarbons, present the ideal storage medium. In the lecture we will discuss in-depth state of the art routes to store solar energy directly in form of chemical energy. These routes involve absorption of solar light (mainly by a semiconductor), and accumulation of the minority charge carriers at the semiconductor surface followed by charge transfer of an electron or hole to a chemical species, such as water or carbon dioxide. Artificial pathways to solar fuels will be compared to natural photosynthesis. The lecture will provide foundations of the various areas being necessary to understand the production of fuels from sunlight: semiconductor physics, semiconductor surfaces, the solid-liquid interface, electron transfer theories, experimental techniques, state of the art of water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction.
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