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Experimental Physics 4 in English

Course 0000000633 in SS 2019

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 2 SWS
Organisational Unit Semiconductor Nanostructures and Quantum Systems
Lecturers Jonathan Finley
Dates Tue, 14:00–16:00, PH HS1

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additional remarks This course tracks loosely the German language course of the same name and focuses on Quantum Mechanics, the Physics of Atoms and Molecules and their Interaction with Electromagnetic Fields. Notably, we will review the "machinery" of Quantum Mechanics before discussing the application of the theory to the Hydrogen Atom. We will then move on to explore the interaction of EM fields with the H-atom before moving on to discuss other "one-electron" atoms, such as the alkali atoms. We will then move on to explore the quantum mechanics of angular momentum before turning our attention to Helium and exchange symmetries. The interactions between quantised magnetic moments (spins) in atoms will then be discussed and we will explore how they interact to produce fine and hyperfine effects int he energy spectrum of atoms. Our discussion of atoms will be completed by a discussion of the action of external electric (Stark effect) and magnetic (Zeeman effect) fields on atoms. Given time at the end of the semester, we will study basic quantum optics of atoms in the context of few-level lasers and introduce a couple of modern themes in the study of ultra-cold quantum gases of atoms. The final topic will concern the physics of molecules, including the formation of chemical bonds to form molecules and their rotational, vibrational and optical properties. Contents: - The elements of quantum mechanics - One electron atoms - Interaction of one electron atoms with light - Fine structure - Two electron atoms - Many electron atoms - Masers and lasers - Lasers and spectroscopy - Atoms in intense laser fields - Laser cooling and trapping of neutral atoms - Bose Einstein condensation - Physics of molecular bonds - Vibrational and rotational properties of molecules - Optical properties of molecular systems-
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