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Course Registration (lectures, exercises, student seminars, lab courses)

Registration for lectures, exercises and student seminars is not required in most cases. But there are many benefits. Only for the Physics lab courses registration is mandatory.

This article describes the usual procedures for Physics courses. Please keep in mind that individual deviations are possible which are regularly communicated through the course description. As TUM student you may in general participate in all TUM courses/modules; but check the requirements for course registration at other departments.

Course registration in Physics

As long as the course description does not announce differently TUMonline registration for lectures and seminars is not required to participate in the course. For lab courses and exercises check the note below. But mandatory requirement to participate in the exam of the module is exam registration later. The registration is recommended for lectures and seminars anyway, this has the following benefits:

Information on the dates of the course
By TUMonline course registration the scheduled dates of the respective course group are included into your personal calendar and you will be notified by automatic e-mail should they change or be canceled.
Access to teaching material (if a moodle course exists)
Access to teching material in moodle is usually regulated by the TUMonline course registration.
Partizipation in course evaluation
E-Mail invitations for the course evaluation will be sent to all the students registered in TUMonline.
supporting the lecturer with organisation
The lecturer can send e-mails to all registered students. If you register early (before the semester starts) the lecturer might react if there are very many registrations.


In big modules with extensive exercises registration for the exercise groups is usually done in the first weeks of lecturing and mainly aims for an equal distribution of students on the groups. The procedures are usually explained in the first lectures. It might be that the lecturer configured limited registrations for the groups – for questions on the exercise registration please contact the lecturer or responsible teaching assistant.

Registration to exercises of small special courses is usually done in the same way as for the lecture.

Physics lab courses

For participation in the Physics lab courses registration via the respective lab course web page is mandatory. During registration you are usually distributed on lab teams. Visit the corresponding introductory lecture for this!

Student seminars

Distribution of topics in the students seminars is usually done in the first session. Course registration regularly is only to import the seminars dates to the personal calendar. Do not forget to register for the exam!

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