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Ranking of Student Cohorts in the Master’s Programs Physics

In addition to the ECTS grading table issued after completion of the studies students in the Master's programs Physics may receive a ranking within their student cohort at the Dean’s Office.

The  final documents will be issued by the examination office Garching, including the "grading table", which shows your  final grade and predicate in relation to the graduates of the last two years. The "grading table" carries its own page header, is numbered separately and will not be referenced in the other documents.

In addition students in the Master's programs can receive a ranking for the first four semesters at the Dean's office.

Semester Ranking in the Master’s programs from 2018 on

Starting 2018 we issue semester rankings according to the new TUM default system. At first students SS 2018 may obtain such a ranking.

The individual rankings are issued by Sabine Ging at the Dean’s Office, visiting hours Mo–Fr 08:30–13:30 Uhr. Please keep in mind that all exams from this semester need to be finalized. Hence semester rankings for summer semester are available not before mid-November regularly and rankings for the winter semester not before mid-May.

Ranking method

The modules included in the ranking for a semester and the credits expected after the respective semester are given in the following table.

Semesterincluded modulescredits expected
1modules from advanced studies (first year)30 CP
2modules from advanced studies (first year)60 CP
3all modules included in the Master’s program85 CP
4all modules included in the Master’s program120 CP

As ranking parameter the average of the included, graded module exams the student passed weighted by credits is calculated. If the student did not achieve the credits expected in this semester in the included modules missing credits are included in the ranking parameter with the virtual grade 4,1.

We form two students cohorts from the students of all four Physics Master’s programs for the semester ranking:

Vertiefungsphase (erstes Studienjahr)
alle Studierenden in den Fachsemestern 1 und 2
Forschungsphase (zweites Studienjahr)
alle Studierenden in den Fachsemestern 3 und 4

As reference we use all students enrolled or on-leave in the respective semester at the registration deadline for the first examination period of the semester (15th of January in WS, 30th of June in SS).

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