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Proof of Language Proficiency for Application to the Master Programs

With the application to a Master program you need to provide proof of sufficient language skills.

English language Master programs

Undergraduate students whose native language or language of instruction in university is not English, according to §36 (1) S. 2 of the exam regulations have to provide a proof of adequate knowledge of the language in order to be admitted to one of the English language programs

There are two possibilities for this proof of English language proficiency:

  1. proof of sufficient English language skills as given by TUM standards
  2. Another option while applying for Physics (Applied and Engineering Physics) or Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics is that during the undergraduate studies, 10 ECTS credit points had been taken in English language. This can be provided e.g. as an English-language Bachelor's thesis. In this case, in the TUMonline application you have to choose "English-language module/course examinations within the scope of the undergraduate degree program in the amount of 10 credits" and write under "further information" an appropriate comment.

Option 2 is not available for applicants in the Master program Matter to Life.

Additional requirement for integrative German skills

To be admitted into an English language Master program you do not need to provide proof of German language skills. But students who did not give proof of German language skills will be given the additional requirement to within the first year of studies pass at least one module in which they earn German language skills integratively.

German language Master programs

For admission of foreign applicants into one of the German language Master programs

a proof of sufficient German language skills as given by TUM standards is required.

There is no need to proof English language skills for the application to theses study programs. But English language skills will extend your possibilities since there are English language elective modules offered in German programs.

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