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Electronics Division

The electronics division offers a wide range of services for the Physics Department. In addition to technical services we consult bachelor and master students at specific tasks and support young scientists by imparting our knowledge in the field of laboratory measurements and data acquisition.

Our working fields

  • Development: We develop modules and devices according to your specifications and requirements. All necessary steps from the idea to the technical implementation, production and documentation are carried out in close collaboration with the researchers in order to allow an optimal result.
  • Advice: In all electronics related matters we are happy to advise you - no matter if it comes to basic knowledge or specific questions.
  • Prototype PCBs Prototype PCBs can be produced in house on a short term scale. We can take over the task of PCB layout in close cooperation with you.
  • SMD assembly We can assemble PCBs in SMD technique (BGAs, fine pitch, component size 0402). Soldering is done with a modern vapour phase solder maschine.
  • Component storage We have a huge range of electronic components and computer addons in stock.
  • Film plots Film plots for photolithograhpic processes can be exposed in house with up to 3300dpi resolution on UV resistive films.
  • Repairs Many devices used in everyday lab work can be repaired by us.


Technische Universität München
Physik Department Z72
James-Franck-Straße 1
85748 Garching
Hr. Böhmer, Zimmer 2707


Name, first namePhone (089-289 + Number)RoomemailFunction
Böhmer, Michael 12611 2707 Head, VHDL programming, microcontrollers, PCB layout, JTAG programming
Lenker, Egon 12614 2720 repairs, soldering
Seifert, Claudia 12612 2720 microcontrollers, PCB layout, VHDL programming
Weinmann, Terry 12610 2713 Component storage, order handling
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