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SMD Assembly

Our department operates a fully automatic pick’n’place SMD assembly machine, which can be used for single and double-sided SMD PCBs. Soldering is also done machinally. By keeping close contact between assembly and development also special requirements can be handled without big time loss, like assembling one PCB for testing before going for mass production.

Assembly in a nutshell

Due to the high complexity of SMD assembly we kindly ask to put up requests in advance. This allows us to clarify details (like data formats, component supply, stencils, PCB layout) without shifting production dates.

What we can offer you, in a very short form:

  • SMD components down to 0402, BGAs down to 0.5mm pitch, fine pitch
  • fully automatic pick’n’place assembly
  • wheel feeder, tubes, and tailormade trays for components possible
  • optical alignment of components
  • Pb free solder process (240 degrees), Pb solder process for special requirements (like satellite electronics) on request
  • vapour phase soldering to keep stress on components at a minimum (avoids thermical stress as seen in infrared soldering)

Component supply

Only components delivered on wheels (or tubes) are being used in assembly. Passive components (resistors) are on stock in 0402 (E24 series), 0603 (some parts of E12 series) and 0805 (E12 series). Ceramic capacitors are partially on stock, please check in advance what we can provide here.

Active components (ICs, regulators, transistors, ...) are to be ordered by the customer.

Please contact us in advance for the correct choice of a packing style which can be used for automatic assembly.

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