PCB Prototype Production

As special service we offer production of PCB prototypes in our department. We provide all necessary steps in production in house, so we do not have to rely on time schedules of external service providers. A double sided, through hole plated PCB can be manufactured in 1.5 days.

This allows us to offer you a fast solution especially for critical components needed for experiments of measurement times.

This service is suitable for samples and small quantities (like adaptors being manufactured on a panel). We can also provide solutions for special manufacturing requirements (like galvanic gold, unstripped copper surfaces, special millings) in many cases.

Technical specifications

In standard production we use specifications as following:

  • base material FR4, 1.5mm thick, copper plating 18um (final 35um)
  • double sided, through hole plated
  • solder stop mask (green, red, blue, black)
  • solder surface chemical Sn
  • smallest drill 0.3mm, smallest via 0.2mm
  • restring >200um
  • wire distance >6mil
  • wire width >6mil
  • polygone clearance >10mil
  • outer / inner milling tool diameter 2mm

Other design parameters (base material thickness, plated millings) are possible on request.

Production data import / layout

We prefer Eagle format (> V4.x) for PCB production. Data from other PCB CAD software (extender Gerber, Excellon) can be accepted, but needs strict coordination with us.

Please contact us in case of doubt, especially for layout rules of the PCB in advance.

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