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Dense and Strange Hadronic Matter

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Characterizing CsI coated THGEMs for photon detection
Traditional devices for photon detection like the Photomultiplier Tube or more recent technologies such as Silicon Photomultipliers are very cost-intensive. Therefore, especially with large area experiments in mind it is very interesting to investigate new ways of detecting photons. In this project we are taking the approach of combining a photosensitive material with a Thick GEM (THGEM) in a gaseous detector. THGEMs are robust, low-cost devices, which can be used for electron multiplication. The THGEM is coated with a photosensitive material and placed within an electrical field. When a photon releases an electron from the material the photo electron drifts in the THGEM hole and undergoes avalanche amplification due to a high electric field that is preset inside the holes. Below the THGEM an anode is used for electron readout. Depending on the gain of the THGEM this could enable single photon detection. In the scope of the thesis CsI coated THGEMs, which are useful in the UV light range, will be characterized and their quantum efficiency will be studied.
suitable as
  • Bachelor’s Thesis Physics
Supervisor: Laura Fabbietti
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