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PD Dr. techn. Gregor Koblmüller

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Semiconductor Nanostructures and Quantum Systems
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PD at the Physics Department

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Offered Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses Topics

Growth and characterization of high-mobility InAsSb nanowire field effect transistors

At the Walter Schottky Institute (WSI-TUM) we currently conduct an extensive research program on the growth and fabrication of high mobility III-V semiconductor based nanowire FET devices. One of the possible applications of such nanoscale devices is their integration onto CMOS-compatible silicon platform and thereby pave the way for next generation ultrascaled nanoelectronic switches in future consumer electronics or thermoelectric energy conversion systems.

An important step towards high mobility nanowire-FET devices is the development of suitable high-mobility materials and transforming them into nanostructured devices for transport experiments, where the respective charge carrier transport and scattering processes need to be explored. The goal of this M.Sc. project is to explore the novel III-As-Sb nanowire materials (such as InAsSb) as a potentially new high charge carrier mobility system with simultaneously large spin-orbit interaction.

Interacting closely with two PhD students you will be designing the proper InAsSb nanowire materials  by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and further transform these into 2- or 4-terminal nanowire-FET devices using advanced nanolitho­graphy methods in state-of-the art cleanroom facilities. The FET devices should be then characterized with respect to their alloy composition, carrier density, channel length and surface passivation schemes in order to identify different regimes of transport (ballistic vs. diffusive) in temperature-dependent electrical transport spectroscopy. Furthermore, magnetotransport measurements will complement these investigations to gain insights also into quantum interference effects during diffusive transport.

In this thesis, you will be closely working with several other student members in the Nanowire Group at WSI, led by PD Dr. Gregor Koblmueller. Experience in the area of clean room fabrication, nanoanalytics or (nano)electronics, as well as experience using Matlab is a benefit, but secondary to motivation and commitment. Applications should be sent to,, or . Please include your CV, a copy of your Bachelor Thesis and a transcript of your grades (Bachelor & Master).

suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Applied and Engineering Physics
Supervisor: Gregor Koblmüller
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