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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Winfried Petry

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+49 89 289-54704
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Functional Materials
Job Title
Professor at the Physics Department (retired)

Courses and Dates

Title and Module Assignment
MSC Radiation Biology
This course is not assigned to a module.
VO 0.5 Petry, W. singular or moved dates
Physics with Neutrons 1
eLearning course
Assigned to modules:
VO 2 Petry, W.
Assisstants: Senyshyn, A.
Wed, 10:00–12:00, PH 2271
Exercise to Physics with Neutrons 1
Assigned to modules:
UE 2 Senyshyn, A.
Responsible/Coordination: Petry, W.
dates in groups

Offered Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses Topics

Neuronale Netze in Gamma Spektren
The proposed M.Sc. thesis aims to bring the evaluation of gamma spectra an important step forward by - Thorough check of the quality of the available training data - Set up of a suitable neural network to reliably identify nuclides in unassigned gamma spectra - Identification of influences of different gamma detectors on the nuclide assignment
suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Nuclear, Particle, and Astrophysics
Supervisor: Winfried Petry
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