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New office room for parents supervising their children

2015-04-27 – News from Physics Department

Working parents know this scenario: something unexpected happens and child care has to be reorganised quickly. The Physics Department supports parents with an office room for parents supervising their children. The room is available for all parents who study or work at the Physik-Department.

parent and child office room
Children will find many interesting toys and books, while parents can largely work in peace. (Photo: Wenzel Schürmann)

Kindergarten is on strike, a light non-communicable (!) disease of the child, school lessons are called off or the sudden cancellation of the nanny. The reasons for a sudden rescheduling of child care are many and varied; but usually they occur very suddenly. The Physik-Department offers support in such situations in form of an office room that is suited for parents supervising their children.

The equal opportunities commissioners of the TUM Physics Department, headed by Prof. Laura Fabbietti, are working on how to improve the support for parents and facilitate their everyday life. The career of young scientists should not stall during parental leave; they often have the problem that they must be present in person for group meetings and need a quiet space to breastfeed or to bridge the gaps between appointments. Sometimes a child needs to be cared for by the parents themselves despite regular attendance of kindergarten or nursery, for example, when the nannies are not available due to further training. Sometimes, both parents are busy on campus and can relieve each other. Here a suitable room saves a lot of time for both, because the parents do not have to commute several times a day between home and work.

Parents have a desk available with internet access. (Photo: Wenzel Schürmann)

The office room for parents with children is situated within the office containers behind the Physics Department. It is equipped with a convenient and useful toy box, a computer table with a good work chair and a sofa. The little ones can puzzle, paint or tinker at a children’s table with two small chairs; a diaper-changing table with heat lamps for infants is also available. Depending on demand, more appropriate playing material for different age groups will be gradually provided, and the efforts concerning a loving design with curtains and posters will be continued.

Parents will get the key to the room at the dean’s office from Ms Lichtnecker. Online reservations are done via TUMonline on a first-come, first-served basis. Laura Fabbietti hopes “that the young parents will accept the room well.”

Christine Kortenbruck, Dr. Johannes Wiedersich


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