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Multi-body Simulation

Course 820532392 in SS 2023

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 2 SWS
Organisational Unit Chair of Applied Mechanics (Prof. Rixen)
Lecturers Tomas Slimak
Andreas Zwölfer
Responsible/Coordination: Daniel Rixen
Dates Wed, 09:00–11:00, MW 2050

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Further Information

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additional remarks Multibody systems are technical systems consisting of different rigid or flexible bodies that are interconnected. The connections may be modeled with classical force laws (massless springs and dampers, actuators, contact) or realized by kinematical constraints, e.g. joints. In the meantime multibody simulation programs are well established and can be found in a variety of industrial sectors, for example in aeronautical engineering or in the automobile industry. In consideration of initial and boundary values, a multibody simulation provides the transient motion of the bodies as well as the forces and moments acting in the connections between bodies. Embedding the Finite Element Method (FEM) into the framework allows to concurrently simulate rigid and flexible bodies and their interactions. Topics: 1. Dynamics of rigid bodies (Newton-Euler equations, Lagrange equations, Hamilton principle, ...) 2. Relative kinematics in space (spatial rotations, ...) 3. Assembly of a multibody system (link forces, constraints, ...) 4. Considering flexible bodies 5. Time integration (Newmark integration scheme, linear/nonlinear systems, constraints, ...)
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Responsible/Coordination: Rixen, D.
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SS 2013 Multi-body Simulation
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