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Additional offer to the Ringvorlesung Umwelt. Overcoming obstacles - the bumpy road toward carbon neutrality - Main Campus

Course CVL0001011 in WS 2022/3

General Data

Course Type lecture with integrated exercises
Semester Weekly Hours 1.5 SWS
Organisational Unit Academic Programs WTG
Lecturers Mariam Fahmy
Barbara Kopp-Gebauer
Franziska Recknagel
Alfred Slanitz
Philip Zimmermann
Dates Tue, 18:30–20:00, 1180

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additional remarks As more countries announce net-zero targets, calculating each other’s carbon footprints is not enough. We tend to forget that the major emission sources are embedded in a highly complex system, which makes the transition quite hard. Despite being only a tiny part of that system, we are still the main drivers of change on the road to carbon neutrality. And to be the change, we first have to comprehend the problem inside out. It is obvious that renewable energies play a central role in decarbonizing the energy system. So why are we still so dependent on fossil fuels and hardly get the Greenhouse Gas emissions reduced if we know the solution? There are many obstacles on the way, but knowing where we are going and what hardships we might face is essential to reach carbon neutrality. This semester’s lecture series will therefore serve as a map on this bumpy road. We will be focusing on the implementation of technologies and their challenges in sectors ranging from industry and agriculture all the way to mobility and households. Are you eager to expand your horizon on how to reach carbon neutrality in all sectors and discuss this with lecturers and fellow students? Then we invite you to join the talks held by experienced professionals at the Environmental Lecture Series, organized by the Environmental Department of the Student Representation – informative, critical, and interdisciplinary.
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