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Agile Project Management Hands-on

Course CVL0000918 in WS 2022/3

General Data

Course Type workshop
Semester Weekly Hours 1 SWS
Organisational Unit Academic Programs WTG
Lecturers Lennart Blumentrath
Dates 2 singular or moved dates

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additional remarks Our two-day agile project management workshop will provide you with the necessary knowledge and concepts to efficiently and purposefully deal with questions and problems in project management, with a particular focus on early-stage innovation projects. Using case studies, many concrete examples and a fictitious project request that runs through both workshop days, we will use day 1 to discuss and develop the basics of successful project acquisition and management. First, you will learn how to effectively communicate the strengths and competences of your project team to potential clients and how to pitch your project approach. Among other things, we will focus on structured yet explorative approaches such as design thinking which aid in giving structure even to uncertain topics. Using examples from Motius' daily work, you will get the opportunity to apply your knowledge right there and then. As assignment between the two workshops, you, together with a small team, will write a project proposal to convince your customer of your approach and the attractiveness of your offer. On the second day, we will move from successful acquisition towards successful project planning, -organization and implementation. But first, you will get the chance to present your offers and receive individual feedback. This way you will be able to learn from the experiences of the other teams and bring in your own understanding. After the presentations, we will discuss the basics of agile project work (project planning, distribution of tasks and roles, project management) and apply them to your project proposals. The workshop concludes with an evaluation of your results and with the "engagement" of one or more teams by our fictitious client. Regardless of whether you see your future as project manager, freelancer or in a startup (perhaps your own) - we will bring in a lot of experiences from our own startup phase and use real experiences and projects as the basis for the workshop.
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