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Exercise to Materials Science
Übung zu Materialwissenschaften

Course 0000002866 in SS 2020

General Data

Course Type exercise
Semester Weekly Hours 1 SWS
Organisational Unit Semiconductor Nanostructures and Quantum Systems
Lecturers Responsible/Coordination: Jonathan Finley
Dates 12 dates in groups

Assignment to Modules

Further Information

Courses are together with exams the building blocks for modules. Please keep in mind that information on the contents, learning outcomes and, especially examination conditions are given on the module level only – see section "Assignment to Modules" above.

additional remarks This is the Exercise / Tutorial class that accompanies the TUM online course 0000000619 "Materials Science" To allow for the fact that some of you are dialling in to the Exercise / Tutorial Session from other places in the world (beyond Germany), we will make 2 sessions, both via Zoom in SS2020. In both, we will calculate the solutions to the exercise class and also have the chance to discuss any questions that you might have from the previous week's lectures. The sessions will take place: Wednesdays 15:00-16:30 (starting 29.4.20 - English language) Fridays 10:00-11:30 (starting 1.5.20 - German language)
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Equivalent Courses (e. g. in other semesters)

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