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Elective Courses in the Focus Areas of M.Sc. Quantum Science & Technology

Master’s students of the interdisciplinary program Quantum Science & Technology can choose courses for their focus area out of an extensive and dynamic catalog, covering nearly all research topics pursued at the LMU and TUM and affiliated institutions.

For the QST Master’s program you have to earn 30 CP (ECTS) in the focus areas. You may choose freely over all focus areas. To ensure a broad coverage of topics a consultation by a mentor is required (documented by signature on the mentoring form).

Information about the catalog of the focus areas

The course catalog will be updated before the beginning of the academic year, typically by July.

By default, the table displays only the catalog for the current semester in the QST Master’s program. You can use the search function to change this selection.

Search Courses in the Focus Areas

Modules in WS 2022/3

Focus Area Experimental Quantum Science & Technology in M.Sc. Quantum Science & Technology

Module ID Title CP Cycle
PH2030 Applied Superconductivity 1: from Josephson Effects to RSFQ Logic 5 W
PH2317 Quantum Sensing 5 W
PH7001 Quantum Optics 1 9 W
PH7003 Ultra-Cold Quantum Gases 1 9 W
PH7017 Experimental Techniques in Quantum Optics 6 S
CIT4430005 Photonic Quantum Technologies 5 W/S
NAT3006 Semiconductor Quantum Devices 10 W
NAT7022 Applications of Quantum Computing 5 W/S

Focus Area Theoretical Quantum Science & Technology in M.Sc. Quantum Science & Technology

Module ID Title CP Cycle
PH2116 Group Theory in Physics 10 ~
PH2256 Quantum Many-Body Physics 10 W
PH7006 Mathematical Quantum Mechanics 1 9 W
PH7011 Condensed Matter Quantum Many-Body Systems and Field Theory 2 9 W
PH7014 Quantum Mechanics II 9 W
PH7016 Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 9 W
CH3034 Quantum Mechanical Basics of NMR-Spectroscopy 5 W
CH3337 Symmetry and Group Theory 5 W
EI70760 Simulation of Quantum Devices 5 W/S
EI71064 Introduction to Quantum Networks 5 W/S
EI71077 Algorithms in Quantum Theory 6 W/S
EI76471 Quantum Information Theory 5 W/S
IN2381 Introduction to Quantum Computing 5 W
MA3001 Functional Analysis 9 W
NAT7020 Groups and Lie Algebras 9 S

Mandatory Modules in M.Sc. Quantum Science & Technology

Module ID Title CP Cycle
PH1009 QST Experiment: Quantum Hardware 10 W
PH1010 QST Theory: Quantum Information 10 W

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