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Academic Progress Check in the Study Programs at Physics Department

In principle exams you did not pass may be repeated as often as required – apart from exams of the first year in the Bachelor program (GOP) and required additional fundamental subjects assigned during aptitude assessment for a Master program. But each semester a specified amount of ECTS credits are required which in turn requires the passing of exams.

The required ECTS credits in the academic progress check follow the basic rule that you may only get two semesters (worth 60 CP) behind the regular study plan. For the Bachelor program this results in the credit requirements given in the following table:

End of semesterrequired [CP]regular [CP]
3 30 90
4 60 120
5 90 150
6 120 180
7 150
8 180

For the Master programs this results in the credit requirements given in the following table:

End of semesterrequired [CP]regular [CP]
3 30 90
4 60 120
5 90*
6 120

If you do not meet these requirements after the second examination period at the end of semesters 3 to 7 in the Bachelor or 3 to 5 in the Master you failed the study program finally. If you do not meet these requirements after the 8th semester in the Bachelor or the 6th semester in the Master all exams you did not yet pass are counted as failed and need to be passed within the next semester.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the academic progress check is postponed by one semester for all students who were enrolled in SS 2020 (and not on leave). The same applies to WS 2020/1, SS 2021, and WS 2021/2.
Therefore, without (additional) justification, students can effectively fall behind the regular curriculum by up to 90 CP if they were enrolled but not on leave in either SS 2020 or WS 2020/1 and by up to 120 CP if they were enrolled but not on leave in both SS 2020 and WS 2020/1, and so on – in the tables above the entry in the row (actual semester) minus (semesters postponed) is relevant

In addition to these requirements, students in the Master's programmes must have passed examinations after the second semester which are specified in the respective subject examination regulations**. In The Bachlor's program this requirement is fulfilles by the GOP-regulations.

Technically the check is usually performed about a month after the end of the semester. Hence all passed repeat exams are included. If you already handed in your thesis, the grades are still missing but it is expected a passed then we will include the credits of thesis and colloquium as well.

As soon as you have the impression that you might get in conflict with the academic progress check at the end of the semester please contact us as soon as possible. Discuss your situation with the program manager to seek a solution for your problem.

(*) If you have reached in the four physics master's courses (KTA, KM, BIO, AEP) after the fourth semester exactly 60 ECTS of the advanced studies courses you can only have 85 ECTS after the fifth semester (25 ECTS from the first half of the  research phase). In exactly this case, the examination board automatically grants a suspension of the deadline.

(**) In the four physics master's programs (KTA, KM, BIO, AEP) you must have passed at least 10 ECTS of the special courses. 

Photo von Dr. rer. nat. Philipp Höffer von Loewenfeld.

Manager of the Examination Board for the B.Sc. program Physics

Consultation hour
Monday 14–16 and when my office door is open.
048 +49 89 289-12344
Photo von Dr. rer. nat. Martin Saß.

Manager of the Examination Board for the M.Sc. programs Physics

Consultation hour
on appointment
038 +49 89 289-18463
Due to the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, we request that you refrain from visiting our consultation hours and service units in person until further notice. You are welcome to make requests by phone and e-mail. Most requests can be handled without the need for physical presence.
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