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Prof. Dr. Martin Stutzmann

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+49 89 289-12760
WSI: S207
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Experimental Semiconductor Physics
Job Titles
  • Professorship on Experimental Semiconductor Physics
  • Head of Walter Schottky Institute – Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials (WSI)

Courses and Dates

Title and Module Assignment
Experimental Physics 1 (MSE) Assigned to modules:
VO 2 Stutzmann, M. Wed, 15:00–16:30, MW 2001
Current Problems in Semiconductor Physics Assigned to modules:
HS 2 Stutzmann, M. Fri, 10:30–12:30, WSI S101
Exercise to Experimental Physics 1 (MSE) Assigned to modules:
UE 2 Eckmann, F.
Responsible/Coordination: Stutzmann, M.
dates in groups
FOPRA Experiment 08: High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Assigned to modules:
PR 1 Stutzmann, M.
Assisstants: Hoffmann, T.
FOPRA Experiment 50: Photovoltaics Assigned to modules:
PR 1 Stutzmann, M.
Assisstants: Pantle, F.
Literature Seminar on Solid State Physics Assigned to modules:
SE 2 Stutzmann, M. Wed, 13:00–14:30, WSI S101
Revision Course to Current Problems in Semiconductor Physics Assigned to modules:
RE 2
Responsible/Coordination: Stutzmann, M.
Schottky-seminar This course is not assigned to a module.
SE 2 Belkin, M. Brandt, M. Finley, J. Holleitner, A. Sharp, I. … (insgesamt 6) Tue, 17:15–18:00, WSI S101
Consultation Hour to Experimental Physics (MSE) Assigned to modules:
RE 2 Stutzmann, M.
Instruction for the Advanced Lab Course (FOPRA) Assigned to modules:
PR 0.1 Schönert, S. Stutzmann, M.
Assisstants: Hauptner, A.
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Offered Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses Topics

Development of Novel Oxynitride Semiconductors for Artificial Photosynthesis
Rapidly rising atmospheric CO2 levels urge the development of new technologies for renewable generation and efficient storage of energy. The application of well-established growth techniques like molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) to novel materials allows the tailoring of optical, electronical and structural properties towards the application as photoelectrochemical water splitting devices. The focus of this work lies on the investigation of the electrical and photo-electrical characteristics of Ga-Zn-O-N (GZNO), which are a crucial bottleneck for high solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiencies. To date, the electronic transport mechanism in GZNO is unknown. By applying experimental methods like cryogenic photocurrent spectroscopy, Hall and Seebeck effect characterisation or photoelectrochemistry, we aim to gain insight into the movement of the charge carriers within the bulk and between semiconductor surface and electrolytes. Techniques you will be trained in: • Micro-structural characterization by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) • Electrical characterization by photocurrent spectroscopy, Hall and Seebeck effect • Optical characterization by photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy • (Photo-)electrochemistry • Participation in sample fabrication, e.g., growth by MBE, lithography and clean room work • Improvement and possible development of scientific setups according to specific requirements Conditions and requirements: • Possible start date: From January-April 2020; Duration: one year, full-time • Focus on condensed matter physics, applied and engineering physics or related fields • Prior experience with semiconductor physics preferred, but not mandatory • Completion of all exams necessary for master’s degree • Ability to work goal-orientated and focused on a complex topic and to integrate into our team For further information, please contact To apply, please submit your transcript of records.
suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Condensed Matter Physics
  • Master’s Thesis Applied and Engineering Physics
Supervisor: Martin Stutzmann


Thermal characterization of thin films via dynamic infrared thermography
Anton Greppmair (author), Natalie Galfe (author), Katharina Amend (author), Martin Stutzmann (author), Martin S. Brandt (author)
journal article
Review of Scientific Instruments
DOI: 10.1063/1.5067400
Growth mechanisms of F4-TCNQ on inorganic substrates and nanostructures
H Schamoni (author), M Hetzl (author), T Hoffmann (author), K Stoiber (author), S Matich (author), M Stutzmann (author)
journal article
Materials Research Express
DOI: 10.1088/2053-1591/aaecb8
Photocurrent generation of biohybrid systems based on bacterial reaction centers and graphene electrodes
Réka Csiki (author), Simon Drieschner (author), Alina Lyuleeva (author), Anna Cattani-Scholz (author), Martin Stutzmann (author), Jose A. Garrido (author)
journal article
Diamond and Related Materials
DOI: 10.1016/j.diamond.2018.09.005
A systematic investigation of radiative recombination in GaN nanowires: The influence of nanowire geometry and environmental conditions
Martin Hetzl (author), Max Kraut (author), Theresa Hoffmann (author), Julia Winnerl (author), Katarina Boos (author), Andreas Zeidler (author), Ian D. Sharp (author), Martin Stutzmann (author)
journal article
Journal of Applied Physics
DOI: 10.1063/1.5038802
Optical design of GaN nanowire arrays for photocatalytic applications
Julia Winnerl (author), Richard Hudeczek (author), Martin Stutzmann (author)
journal article
Journal of Applied Physics
DOI: 10.1063/1.5028476
Ethanol surface chemistry on MBE-grown GaN(0001), GaOx/GaN(0001), and Ga2O3(2¯01)
Sebastian L. Kollmannsberger (author), Constantin A. Walenta (author), Andrea Winnerl (author), Fabian Knoller (author), Rui N. Pereira (author), Martin Tschurl (author), Martin Stutzmann (author), Ueli Heiz (author)
journal article
The Journal of Chemical Physics
DOI: 10.1063/1.4994141
Electrochemical characterization of GaN surface states
Andrea Winnerl (author), Jose A. Garrido (author), Martin Stutzmann (author)
journal article
Journal of Applied Physics
DOI: 10.1063/1.4995429
Photo-induced changes of the surface band bending in GaN: Influence of growth technique, doping and polarity
Andrea Winnerl (author), Rui N. Pereira (author), Martin Stutzmann (author)
journal article
Journal of Applied Physics
DOI: 10.1063/1.4983846
Measurement of the in-plane thermal conductivity by steady-state infrared thermography
Anton Greppmair (author), Benedikt Stoib (author), Nitin Saxena (author), Caroline Gerstberger (author), Peter Müller-Buschbaum (author), Martin Stutzmann (author), Martin S. Brandt (author)
journal article
Review of Scientific Instruments
DOI: 10.1063/1.4979564
GaN surface states investigated by electrochemical studies
Andrea Winnerl (author), Jose A. Garrido (author), Martin Stutzmann (author)
journal article
Applied Physics Letters
DOI: 10.1063/1.4977947

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