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Evaluation of Scintillator Materials and Silicon Photomultipliers for a Compact Dosimeter

The Multi-purpose Active-target particle Telescope (MAPT) is a new particle detector for astrophysics and radiation monitoring purposes. The instrument is currently under development at our institute and comprises several sub-detectors. One of these sub-detectors shall be a general-purpose dosimeter for charged and uncharged radiation, which shall use scintillator material coupled to silicon photomultlipliers (SiPMs).

The purpose of this thesis is to find suitable scintillator—SiPM combinations and characterize them in order to find the optimal combination. You will have to familiarize yourself with scintillating materials and the working principle of SiPMs before identifying candidate combinations. Based on the requirements for the dosimeter, you will then have to determine appropriate figures of merit and design an experimental setup capable of measuring these parameters. The result of the thesis shall be a list of suitable scintillator—SiPM combinations that fulfill the given requirements, as well as an analysis identifying the optimal solution.


  • Familiarize yourself with the physics of scintillators and photodetectors (SiPM).
  • Based on given requirements, identify possible scintillator—SiPM combinations.
  • Design, build, and use an experimental setup to quantify the figure of merit of every combination.
  • Verify suitability of chosen materials and detectors.
  • Identify “optimal” combination for use in final device.
  • Optional: If time allows, help design a detector layout and read-out electronics for the final device.



geeignet als
  • Bachelorarbeit Physik
Themensteller(in): Stephan Paul
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