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Thomas Pöschl

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Implementation of a Bayesian Particle Filter for Event Reconstruction on GPUs

The Multi-purpose Active-target Particle Telescope (MAPT) is a radiation detector for space applications currently under development at our institute. The detector shall be used to monitor the radiation environment on spacecraft and satellites. It is most sensitive to low-energy protons and ions and can distinguish radiation particles by their interactions with the material of the detector.

To calculate the flux of particles from measurement data, the direction, energy, and species of the detected particles must be reconstructed. We use an algorithm called particle filter, which is the optimal mathematical solution of the given task but requires a large computational effort. To use the algorithm efficiently, we need an implementation of it that can be run on a graphics processing unit (GPU), allowing a massive parallelization of the underlying ray-tracing problem.     

In this thesis, a GPU-based implementation of the particle filter shall be developed and implemented. The algorithm shall first be tested with simulated detector data and later verified with experimental data from an experiment conducted at a high-energy particle accelerator facility.



  • Acquire the necessary theoretical understanding of interactions of particles with matter and the particle-filter algorithm.
  • Implement the particle-filter algorithm on a graphics processing unit and verify the algorithm’s ability to reconstruct particle tracks.
  • Measure the performance of the developed reconstruction algorithm.
  •  Integrate the reconstruction algorithm into the MAPT analysis framework.



Experience in C/C++ programming and CUDA is helpful, but not required.


Thomas Pöschl, Room PH1 3257,

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  • Masterarbeit Kern-, Teilchen- und Astrophysik
  • Masterarbeit Applied and Engineering Physics
Themensteller(in): Stephan Paul
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