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Titel und Modulzuordnung
Supraleitende Quantenschaltkreise
Zuordnung zu Modulen:
PS 2 Deppe, F. Marx, A.
Leitung/Koordination: Gross, R.
Mitwirkende: Fedorov, K.
Di, 14:30–16:00

Ausgeschriebene Angebote für Abschlussarbeiten

Entwicklung von experimentellen Millikelvin-Techniken für die supraleitende Quantentechnologie

Quantum science with superconducting circuits has recently been recognized as the most promising quantum technology hardware platform by industry (IBM, Google, various startups) and large efforts have been started to develop the underlying technologies. For this reason, 'quantum engineering' has become an important qualification for physicists. In this master thesis, you take one of the central experimental tool into operation: a cryostat operating only few hundreds of millikelvin above absolute zero. You then use this cryostat  to characterize low-loss superconducting quantum circuits.
Categoy: Cryogenics, Quantum information processing, Qunatum technology

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geeignet als
  • Masterarbeit Physik der kondensierten Materie
  • Masterarbeit Applied and Engineering Physics
Themensteller(in): Rudolf Gross
Herstellung und Charakterisierung von breitbandigen parametrischen Verstärkern auf der Basis von Josephson-Kontakten

Josephson parametric amplifiers (JPAs) are microwave devices based on nonlinear superconducting resonators. JPAs are important building blocks in experiments with quantum circuits as they allow for  quantum-limited amplification of incoming signals, which is crucial for fast and reliable operation of future quantum computers. A critical limitation of conventional JPAs is their relatively narrow  bandwidths. One possible way to increase the bandwidth, is to carefully engineer the resonator quality factor and the strength of its nonlinearity. Another, a more novel and difficult approach, is to use a microwave transmission line, instead of the resonator, strongly coupled to an ensemble of nonlinear elements provided by Josephson junctions. Such devices are also known under the name of traveling-wave Josephson parametric amplifiers (TWPA) and present a more flexible way of building of quantum-limited broadband microwave amplifiers. The main goal of this thesis is to design, fabricate, and characterize prototypes of broadband JPAs, and possibly TWPA. The fabrication is going to be based on the thin-film aluminum shadow evaporation process.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Kategorie: Thin-film fabrication; Microwave measurements; Cryogenics.

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geeignet als
  • Masterarbeit Physik der kondensierten Materie
  • Masterarbeit Applied and Engineering Physics
Themensteller(in): Rudolf Gross
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