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Peter Ring honored by European Physical Society

2018 Lise Meitner Prize for Nuclear Science awarded to physicist at TUM

2018-08-16 – News from the Physics Department

Peter Ring, Professor emeritus at the Physics Department of Technical University of Munich (TUM) has been awarded with an outstanding international physics prize in the field of nuclear physics. He and Peter Schuck from Grenoble jointly get the 2018 “Lise Meitner Prize for Nuclear Science” of the European Physical Society (EPS).

Prof. Peter Ring
Prof. Peter Ring – Photo: Eckert and Heddergott / TUM

The 2018 Lise Meitner Prize has been jointly awarded to

  • Peter Ring, Technische Universität München and State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Technology, Peking University, Beijing and
  • Peter Schuck, Institut de Physique Nucléaire d’Orsay and Laboratoire de Physique et de Modélisation des Milieux Condensés Grenoble

for “Their enormous impact on both theoretical and experimental many-body nuclear physics. In particular P. Ring developed new investigations in high-spin phenomena, collective vibrations and relativistic nuclear energy density functionals while P. Schuck introduced new approaches for nuclear matter in connection with nuclear superfluidity and alpha-particle condensation”.

Peter Ring and Peter Schuck have co-authored a standard text book The nuclear many body problem (Springer 1980; 3rd edition 2004).

The Lise Meitner Prize is given every second year by the Nuclear Physics Division of the European Physical Society. It is awarded to one or more researchers who have made outstanding contributions to nuclear science. Such contributions may comprise experimental nuclear physics, theoretical nuclear physics and all areas of application of nuclear science.

The prize consists of a Medal and a Diploma, in addition to a cash award. It will be presented during a special session at the 4th European Nuclear Physics Conference of the European Physical Society, which will be held in Bologna, Italy on 2-7 September this year.

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