Physics student obtains DAAD award for outstanding academic performance

2015-11-16 – News from the Physics Department

This year’s DAAD award for international students at TUM is awarded to Elizabeth Mondragón, who is carrying out her Master studies at our Physics Department

DAAD awardee Elizabeth Mondragón
TUM Senior Vice President Hana Milanov (left) and DAAD awardee Elizabeth Mondragón. Photo: TUM/Benz

The Colombian Master student is currently working on her thesis at the chair for experimental astroparticle physics. Her thesis project concerns the development of cryogenic light detectors for dark matter search based on the Neganov-Luke effect, where her commitment and enthusiasm for experimental research has been outstanding.

Beyond her academic performance, Elizabeth engages in activities fostering STEM education for students around the world and international understanding between students from Spanish-speaking countries and Germany. Most recently, she has started volunteering in activities promoting the local integration of refugees and hopes to be able to assist children transitioning to the German school system.

The idea of the DAAD award, which is endowed with 1000 Euros per university, is to give faces to the many international students at German universities and to link these faces with stories. Because each international student takes a piece of Germany with her/him and leaves something from her/him here – enriching both sides. The award winners stand for their fellow students from all around the world. They are future Germany’s partners in commerce, politics and science.

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