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Exercise to Nanoscience using Scanning Probe Microscopy

Course 0000002438 in SS 2024

General Data

Course Type exercise
Semester Weekly Hours 1 SWS
Organisational Unit Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces
Lecturers Anthoula Chrysa Papageorgiou
Dates 5 singular or moved dates

Assignment to Modules

  • PH2140: Nanoscience mittels Rastersondenmikroskopie / Nanoscience using Scanning Probe Microscopy
    This module is included in the following catalogs:
    • Specific catalogue of special courses for condensed matter physics
    • Specific catalogue of special courses for Applied and Engineering Physics
    • Focus Area Imaging in M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics
    • Complementary catalogue of special courses for nuclear, particle, and astrophysics
    • Complementary catalogue of special courses for Biophysics

Further Information

Courses are together with exams the building blocks for modules. Please keep in mind that information on the contents, learning outcomes and, especially examination conditions are given on the module level only – see section "Assignment to Modules" above.

additional remarks This module is the exercise class directly linked to and integral part of the course "Nanoscience using Scanning Probe Microscopy". The course focuses on scanning probe microscopes (SPM) as powerful tools to both explore and further manipulate the nanoworld. The ability of scanning probe techniques to visualize surfaces in real space and to characterize and even trigger physical and chemical processes on the atomic level renders invaluable to physics, chemistry, materials science, and biology. Specifically, this course will cover the following methods:Scanning tunneling microscopy (and spectroscopy)Atomic force microscopy (and spectroscopy)Scanning near-field optical microscopyThe underlying fundamental principles of the methodology and the experimental implementation of each technique is studied. Particular emphasis will be put on seminal experimental studies highlighting the potential of scanning probe microscopy to unveil nanoscale phenomena. We will learn on the application of SPM to obtain structural, electronic, magnetic, chemical and mechanical characterization of surfaces and surface nanostructures with spatiotemporal resolution. Furthermore, we will see how SPM can be used as a bottom up nanotechnology method via controlled manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.
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